Secret Santa Christmas In July 2022

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Well there is a box from MAC Performance Rocketry, that, I know, I did not order so ...
We can all assume a Secret Santa Gift arrived !!!

The anticipation is really just like Christmas !!! Must remain disciplined to wait !
Thank You
I am going to work on my LVL 2 Model this lomng weekend...........
Maybe it will help take the edge off the excitment of a Christmas Gift
Just waiting..... !!
Am I the only one of us that enjoys the excitment of Christmas ?

Evem if it is in July !!
Here is what I have so far with Sent and Received. Please remember to report in when you receive your gift.
Wally FerrerSentReceived
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Oh my! A box from erockets! [rubs hands maniacally in anticipation].

Thank you, Santa!


For the record: Not my foot. My college age child’s foot.

College age child who is currently using my house as a free, summer break AirBnB.
got to work, and in amongst my many work related e-mails, I have a $75 gft certificate for Sunward hobbies!

Most excellent!

thank you Mr. Generous Santa! (And that's on top of two "things" I have sitting for me at home, in "amazon" gift packaging! :D

Super thanks guys!! :D
Merry Christmas In July! (And Happy Birthday USA for the majority of us that are in the USA). Papa Elf received an Eggtimer altimeter kit and a note that say to send the lead conspirator my shopping list for fiberglass supplies for the LOC Patriot I got for Christmas and through the magic of Christmas the supplies will appear at my door :D. Thanks everyone!
Merry July Christmas Papa Elf... And All of you on the Forum !!!

Happy Fourth Of July !!! May Freedom Forever Reign

246 Years ago our fore Fathers created a wonderful place to grow and love.
I Salute all of those who have fought and died for the freedoms this country
represents, to those that have served to defend it, and to those STILL defending it !!

Its a beautiful morning here in South Dakota and the perfect time for a Pancake breakfast !!

Thank you Sooooo VERY much to my Secret Santa.......... An RRC2+Flight Altimeter was waiting under my tree !!!
That is over the top nice of YOU !


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I was going to update the received list, but it seems that I lost the ability to edit older posts.

Opened my box: AA-20 ALAMO, RETRO REBEL, and an 18&24mm motor retainer! These will be fun.
Nice Score. Your Santa wanted me to mention that the vendor informed him that the retainer is not compatible with the kit because it has a tail cone. I assume he is talking about the AA-10.