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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Secret Santa Christmas In July 2022 (Sign Up Ended)


- First Rule of Secret Santa CIJ is talk about Secret Santa CIJ! Speaking of Rules, Read the Rules!
- Signup deadline will be June 12th at 11:59pm. You will be contacted via e-mail with your recipient’s name, TRF handle, address, and wish list.
- Feel free to post your wish list within this thread too. It is fun to see what other people are wishing for.
- You are encouraged to change your signature to advertise this event.
- Buy a gift for your recipient. How much you spend is up to you. Don’t feel obligated to spend more than you can comfortably afford. Vendors wishing to participate can post their sales here.
- Contact Papa Elf and let him know the gift is ordered.
- Receive your gift and report you got something in the mail.
- July 4th - open your gift! Woe to the one that opens their gift early!
- Post whatcha got and guess who sent it. Don’t forget to say thanks.

How To Sign Up!:
If you want to participate, send an e-mail titled "Secret Santa CIJ 2022" to "[email protected]".
In the e-mail, include the following information:

TRF Handle:
Real Name:
Phone #:
Please start a new line for each field, this makes it easier to enter the data into Papa Elf's spread sheet of good boys and girls. Your Phone number will remain private, Papa Elf just needs it in case he needs to contact you.

Example: (note: This is my actual wish list)
N3tjm <Enter>
Douglas Gardei <Enter>
137 Penn View Drive <Enter>
Middleburg, PA 17842 <Enter>
555-555-5555 <Enter>
Wishlist: Material or Equipment needed to build or fly the 7.6” Patriot I got for Christmas. I am hoping to be able to go to a launch in NY or MD at the end of this year or next spring to fly it. Here are some ideas of what I can use: Building Materials: 4 or 6 oz Fiberglass Cloth and Epoxy Resin (Enough to glass the tubes and tip to tip the fins). Electronics: Missileworks RRC2+ Altimeter, Quark Eggtimer. Motors: RMS 54/1706 Motor. K1103 Reload. L1000 DMS. M1350 DMS. Other Gift Ideas: Seeing all the Goblins on TRF, has put me in the Gobbie mood, so a 5.5” or larger Gobbie would be nice in my collection :D. I think a K513FJ would look amazing in a Gobbie :D. Jolly Logic Chute Release. Reloads for RMS 24/60, 29/40-120, 29/60, 29/100 (G54), and RMS 29/120 (G25’s would be amazing, but I understand if nobody wants to shell out for hazmat on those :D). Anything else you think Papa Elf or Mrs Elf, 3 cats, or 1 dog would like :D

Have Fun!

Papa Elf
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Dang nabit!

I just saw that this thread is a thing... So count me in! Will send email asap...

Thank you Papa Elf for getting the ball rolling.
Here's my wish list:

I love everything related to rocketry, from MMX to full HPR- I'm currently L2 and will likely remain there.

Any retro-repro from MoreRockets would be great,paired with a super up scale would be awesome.
Apogee Flying Machine, Texas Twister,SR72 Darkbird, Rotary Revolution, International Thermal Sailor..
Rocketarium Aster-15 2 stage, Tankbuster Black Brant IIIB (NASA), Hydra Sandhawk, AQM-37C Jayhawk
Wildman Recon Recovery parachute(s) and Nomex
OneBadHawk 9/16" tubular nylon harness w/ Kevlar Sleeve- 2 loop, 3 loop, both?

Thanks again Papa Elf!
Email sent! Here's my wish list!

Book: "Don't Blow Yourself Up" by Homer Hickam
Book: Handbook Of Model Rocketry 7th Edition by G. Harry Stine
Book: Modern High Power Rocketry 2 by Mark Canepa
Rocket Kit: F-16 Fighter Fleet by Apogee Components
Rocket Kit: SR-72 Darkbird by Apogee Components
Rocket Kit: Wart-Hog by Apogee Components

Thanks to Papa Elf for organizing this amazing event!
Signed up. Here'sy list:

Don't Panic, This is also my running wish list for stuff I want to aquire. Then again if you happen to have just hit the lottery, go wild .

My Wishlist
Pemberton tech: Bucky Jones – Space Cadet
Fliskits: Tres
Estes: Space Corps™ Vesta Intruder,
Sirius: Semroc Heli-roctor, Semroc Maple Seed,

Estes C5-3 lots, I love these!, D12-0, -3, E16-4
Aerotech: E30-4T, F32-4T

Airbrush paints: createx opaque colors
Estes: Ultimate Tube Marking Guide
Dremel Rotary Tool WorkStation for Woodworking and Jewelry Making
Snapmaker 2.0
Cricut Maker

jolly logic chute release
eggtimer quark

Or anything you think a low to midpower rocketeer would like. :)
So far got NINE official entries. Papa Elf would like to see more people participate. It's a lot of work getting the sleigh ready.
Papa Elf,
While this is fun; If it's not worth the effort to keep CIJ going, I fully understand. Hopefully the winter Secret Santa can keep more people involved.

THANK YOU for the time and work you put into this in any case.

I don't need anything but would gladly give
Same here! I have lots of LPR stuff to give to a deserving person who has been really good through the first half of the year. I have so many kits and supplies now I just need to build rockets. But I am more than happy to give some of my largesse to another person who wants/needs LPR stuff.
So far still only have 10 participants, and 2 or 3 people that say they are willing to send something but don't want to receive something. Today is the last day to sign up? Should I extend the deadline or just go with what we have?

Wally Ferrer
I vote to keep the original deadline (today). I'm guessing those that want to participate have already signed up. If you do extend I wouldn't add more than a day. maybe two? You are Papa Elf, the decision is ultimately yours. Thank you for all you do.

PS... convince the 2 givers to put in a wishlist and now were up to 12!
I vote to keep the original deadline (today). I'm guessing those that want to participate have already signed up. If you do extend I wouldn't add more than a day. maybe two? You are Papa Elf, the decision is ultimately yours. Thank you for all you do.

PS... convince the 2 givers to put in a wishlist and now were up to 12!
Ok! If anyone has some BT-56 tubes and BT-56 tube couplers, I will take ‘em! It is so hard to kit bash my old BT-56 kits without parts to work with.