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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
:wavingsanta:Secret Santa 2022:wavingsanta:
Once again it’s time for Secret Santa! Christmas time is fast approaching and all the elves here at the North Pole are busy working overtime to make sure all the good boys and girls get all the rockets, motors, and accessories they deserve.

:christmastree:PAPA ELF SPECIAL:christmastree:
To encourage more people to sign up and not wait till the last day, Papa Elf will send a special gift to one lucky participant. Every person who signs up will be entered in a drawing. Their name will be entered in the drawing daily starting the day they sign up, till Thanksgiving Day. So, the sooner you sign up, the more entries you get! (note – if you want to opt out of the drawing, please let Papa Elf know when you submit your entry)

If you would like to contribute to the Papa Elf Special by donating items or covering the shipping cost, please PM me.

- First Rule of Secret Santa is talk about Secret Santa!
- Speaking of Rules, Read the Rules
- Signup deadline will be Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 24th at 11:59pm PST. You will be contacted via e-mail with your recipient’s name, TRF handle, address, and wish list starting as early as November 25th.
- All check-in’s should be sent to [email protected]. Posting your check in on this thread is optional. Check in when you receive your e-mail, ordered your gift or sent your gift, and when you received your gift.
- Feel free to post your wishlist within this thread too. It is fun to see what other people are wishing for.
- You are encouraged to change your signature to advertise this event.
- Buy a gift for your recipient. How much you spend is up to you. Most people spend at least $50 although most Santa’s have been very generous in this event!
- Contact Papa Elf and let him know the gift is ordered.
- Receive your gift and report you got something in the mail.
- Christmas Morning - open your gift! Woe to the one that opens their gift early!
- Post whatcha got and guess who sent it. Don’t forget to say thanks

If you want to participate, send an e-mail titled "Secret Santa 2022" to "[email protected]". Note: the old n3tjm e-mail will still work. In the e-mail, include the following information:

TRF Handle:
Real Name:
Phone #:

Please start a new line for each field and with the wish list please keep everything on one line (Don't hit Enter). This makes it easier to enter the data into Papa Elf's spread sheet of good boys and girls. Your Phone number will remain private, Papa Elf just needs it in case he needs to contact you.

Example: (This is Papa Elf's actual wishlist. If you plan to send something to Papa Elf, please have it arrive no later than Dec 15th. Thanks.)
N3tjm <Enter>
Douglas Gardei <Enter>
137 Penn View Drive <Enter>
Middleburg, PA 17842 <Enter>
555-555-5555 <Enter>

Wishlist: As I get the LOC 7.5” Patriot closer to finished, on the top of my wish list are a few items for that :D. 12 foot Rocketman Standard Parachute. 2x 25’ Tubular Kevlar Shock Cords from LOC. 2x 2S 7.6V LiPo Batteries appropriate for use with Eggtimer Quantum Altimeters with an appropriate battery charger. RMS 75/5120 Motor or M1350 DMS. K1103X Reload. Other Gift Ideas: Motors Hardware: RMS 38/ 360 and 720 with the floating bulkhead. RMS 24/40-RC, E6 reloads, RMS 54/2560 motor. 54mm Extended Closure. Motors & Reloads: AeroPack 38mm Retainers 1xLOC 1xPML tube, 54mm 1xLOC 1xPML, 54/38mm Adapter, 38/29mm Adapter. Quest Q-Jets A-F (including the White Lightning Versions). Reloads for RMS 18/20, 24/40, 24/60, 29/40-120 (E23-5T, G53-5FJ, G64-4W, G76-4G). Reloads for RMS 29/60,100,120. H128, H180, and I200 loads. Jolly Logic Chute Release. Eggtimer Quasar 70cm Ham Band version, Eggfinder LCD Handheld Receiver 70cm Ham Band Version, Eggfinder LCD-GPS Module, Eggtimer Voice Module. LOC Warlock (54mm version). Mrs Elf wants something Pink.

Have Fun!

Papa Elf
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I'm in! List will be forthcoming, travelling for work at the moment but will send/post ASAP

Estes: Alpha, Alpha III

Apogee: Air Mail, Peregrine Jr.

Loc: Forte, Photon, Park Flyer Hyperloc 160

MadCow: 2.6” Mozzie, 2.2” Scooter, 2.6j” Discovery

MAC Performance: 3” BOLT Missile, 3” AltAir Mach 10 Boost Glider, The Viper, The Super Viper

DG&A HPR: 3” Predator, 4” Lazarus

Wilman Rocketry: Punisher Mini, Eagle Claw Mini, Punisher Sport, Punisher SS, Eagle Claw Sport
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We are in, this time!
Email incoming, list to follow.
Thank you Papa Elf for Stinky Santa!

Wishlist: Estes D12-3 & D12-5, Quest Q2 Igniters, Estes Pro Series II Sonic Igniters, Aerotech First Fire Jr. Igniters, Jolly Logic Chute Release, Jolly Logic Altimeter One, two or Three, Transolve BeepX, 3" Ebay kit, 5.56x45 62 gr. FMJ, 7.62x51 150 gr. FMJ, Firewire Initiators, 18mm motor retainers, AeroPack 29mm Retainer Body - L, Aero Pack 38mm Retainer - L, Aero Pack 54mm Retainer - L, anything unusual, strange, weird, curious or mildly offensive, we're pretty to please.
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email sent!

And a note to all about this Secret Santa gig:
  • Support your local / our hobby specific vendors!!
  • If you don't list anything, expect anything. And not providing a list means we have a hard time figuring out what you might like / want / need. Detail what you want & where you can likely get it (assuming an odd / unusual thing..)
  • It's not just about rockets & motors. Chutes, electronics, e-matches, recovery cords & harnesses, quick links, etc.. are all fair game too!
  • To you, $100 might not be a lot, but to someone else, it is.
  • Be real in your wants. Don't list the limited edition 3" carbon Go Devil or the 4" Wildman ultimate as your only wants.. List items that fit everyone's budget..
  • If you are only an HPR guy, say so. If yo are only an LPR guy, say so. it's disappointing to hear the kit you bought your guy likely won't get used, or is traded away as they have no interest in it / aren't certified to use it / don't have the supplies to launch it..
  • Manage the expectations. Your sender might be only a 1st time LPR guy, and has no clue as to what a "Tender Descender' is.. help them out!
  • Tools, Shirts, books, etc.. are just as valuable as kits & motors.. Ask for the airbrush, or the Dremel tool, or the shop vac! 3D printing filaments too!
  • Do some research on your recipient. look up some of their posts, and see what they like.. Tossing in a Rapala fishing plug will make someone smile! (Or a Cohiba Robusto!!)
  • Check & double check your box. Sometimes a small item might be buried in the packing. Remember, we rely on you to validate what you got, so we know all was received.. (I did have a recipient miss an item, and it likely got tossed)
  • If you pack your 'thing' from home, add something special / unique to your area / city / state. Vermont Maple syrup goes a long way in the south-west!! :D And I had one sender visit the Marshal space center gift shop for a few items! Those I appreciated greatly! (The socks are wearing out! :D )

some other thoughts for stocking stuffers:
Micro mark
Hobby Tools
McMaster Carr
I'm in, email sent.


I love everything related to rocketry, from MMX to full HPR- I'm currently L2 and will likely remain there.

Once again, any retro-repro from MoreRockets would be great,paired with a super up scale would be awesome.
Apogee Texas Twister,SR72 Darkbird, Slo-Mo, Katana
Rocketarium Aster-15 2 stage, Tankbuster
Wildman Recon Recovery parachute(s) 2ft - 4 ft and Nomex all sizes, Wild Thang Sport
Estes Goblin, Vapor, Space Corps Lunar Scout and/or Corvette Class, Star Orbiter, Mean Machine, Mini Mean Machine
Pemberton Space Ark, Space Ark Jr., Kraken, Kraken Jr.

Thanks again Papa Elf!
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Looking forward to doing this again. Just need to figure out what I want. Also want to come up with some fun gift ideas.
Wow! Already that time again.....
Haven't had any time recently for hobbies but can't miss this!
I'M IN..... wish list to follow!

Edit to add wishlist:

Estes Kits - Big Bertha, Black Brant II, Patriot M-104, Nova Payloader, Sidekick, Sasha, Doorknob, Super Big Bertha, Majestic, Big Red Max
Semroc Kits - MMX Fat Boy, MMX Goblin, Cherokee-D KV-84
LOC Kits - LOC Park Flyers 1.6" IRIS, Tomahawk, Sandhawk, Hyperloc 160
Any kit in your stash you want someone to have fun with or surprise of your choice.
Estes motors - 1/4A3 to D or bulk packs (No A3-4Ts please, already have plenty)
Quest motor - Q-Jet A3-4, Q-Jet B4-4
Recovery Parts - 9", 12", 15" or 18" thin mil Top Flight Parachute, 1/4" elastic for shock cords
Tools - Estes tube cutting guides, Kuhn tube cutter
Funds to put towards NAR Membership, gift cards to Rocketry Works, eRockets, Hobby Lobby, other rocket suppliers/vendors, etc., gift cards to Home Depot or Walmart to be used towards sandpaper, primer, paint etc.
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One week into SS Sign Up. Got 11 participants so far. I don't see many posts advertising the event. Come on guys, make your avatar festive and update your signature :D. Think we can have 22 participants two weeks in?
Count me in!!

Wishlist: I will be purchasing my first FG kit this year during the Wildman sale. My hope is for the shape shifter 75 but if that’s not available as a sale item I may choose some other 3” or larger FG kit with a 54mm MMT. I’m hoping to use this as my first step into bigger / FG rockets as I work towards my L2. Any building supplies that would aid in its construction would be greatly appreciated. I’ve traditionally used hobby shop epoxy for fillets so I don’t yet have a “real” epoxy preference and am happy to try anything if you have suggestions. I use an EasyMini currently and am also looking to expand to flight computers with more functionality, whether that be eggtimer or others. 54mm Aerotech adapter kit for reload casings. 54/1280 Aerotech casing, 54/2800 Aerotech casing, 54mm plugged forward closure. RA54P-TW thin wall fiberglass motor retainer (Wildman). 40” standard parachute or similar rated for 8lb rocket. Deployment bag (never used one so I have no idea here but aiming for a 3” / 75mm BT). 1-1/4 tubular Kevlar 25’ 3 loop harness or 1-3/16 tubular Kevlar 15’ 2 loop harness from one bad hawk. Finishing supplies of all sorts are welcome as I plan on actually finishing my FG project with a full paint job (10ft judgement). My L1 rocket is likely to be a workhorse in my collection and fits 29mm - 54mm motors. Any DMS in that range that can lift a 1000g rocket will fly. Pull pin switches! I always see the “remove before flight” type switches for AV bays but never know where to get them. I would be aiming to use it in a 3” / 75mm BT, either a 2 switch (redundant computers) or 3 switch (computers and camera systems). All forms of recovery hardware for HPR including soft links, swivels, welded eye bolts, u bolts. Charge wells for DD av bay, black powder charges, e matches , sanding paper of various grit, paint, hobby knife razors, tender descender, other random tools or support items.

Edit: my L1 cert rocket had an unfortunate and irreparable run in with the ground at terminal velocity. It will no longer be needing supplies. This does add the opportunity for a new cardboard 54mm min diameter rocket…previous rocket was a scratch built using the fincan components of a laserloc 223
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Here is the current list of Participants. Still plenty of time to sign up if you are not on the list!

Alan R
Mvrck Studios
Pem Tech
Wally Ferrer

List Updated 11/25/2022 10:14 AM
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Email Sent. I LOVE this and have received so much enjoyment from it over the last several years, both the giving and receiving.

Here's my low and mid-power only Wishlist:
New Way: Squared Max, Angle Invader, Firecat, Honest John
Estes: Interceptor
Odd’l Rockets: F-18 Hornet, F-16 Fighter, F-104 Starfighter Galactic Taxi, Manta Bomber, Starlab, Strikefighter, Blackhawk, Viper, USS Atlantis
Old OOP stuff from Estes and Centuri – especially the cool starship kind of stuff they did in the 70’s and 80’s – I even love opened stuff because I’m a builder not a collector (tell my wife that)
Old parts – including unusual nose-cones
5.5” Du-Bro Kwik Sand hand sander
I wonder if there is a way to get this thread listed at the top of the forum activity email that is sent out daily? Highly unlikely it would organically have the top spot since it’s sorted by post count but putting it front and center like that might help new people find it 🤷

It’s such a great event to be a part of one or two times a year. Shopping for other rocket people is fun to me for some strange reason (receiving rocket presents is pretty great too). Can’t wait!