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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Secret Santa 2021
Once again it’s time for Secret Santa! Christmas time is fast approaching and all the elves here at the North Pole are busy working overtime to make sure all the good boys and girls get all the rockets, motors, and accessories they deserve.

To encourage more people to sign up and not wait till the last day, Papa Elf will send a special gift to one lucky participant. Every person who signs up will be entered in a drawing. Their name will be entered in the drawing daily starting the day they sign up, till Thanksgiving Day. So, the sooner you sign up, the more entries you get! (note – if you want to opt out of the drawing, please let Papa Elf know when you submit your entry)

If you would like to contribute to the Papa Elf Special by donating items or covering the shipping cost, please PM me.

- First Rule of Secret Santa is talk about Secret Santa!
- Speaking of Rules, Read the Rules
- Signup deadline will be Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 25th at 11:59pm. You will be contacted via e-mail with your recipient’s name, TRF handle, address, and wish list starting as early as November 26th.
- All check-in’s should be sent to [email protected]. Posting your check in on this thread is optional. Check in when you receive your e-mail, ordered your gift or sent your gift, and when you received your gift.
- Feel free to post your wishlist within this thread too. It is fun to see what other people are wishing for.
- You are encouraged to change your signature to advertise this event.
- Buy a gift for your recipient. How much you spend is up to you.
- Contact Papa Elf and let him know the gift is ordered.
- Receive your gift and report you got something in the mail.
- Christmas Morning - open your gift! Woe to the one that opens their gift early!
- Post whatcha got and guess who sent it. Don’t forget to say thanks


If you want to participate, send an e-mail titled "Secret Santa 2021" to "[email protected]". Note: the old n3tjm e-mail will still work. In the e-mail, include the following information:

TRF Handle:
Real Name:
Phone #:

Please start a new line for each field and with the wish list please keep everything on one line (Don't hit Enter). This makes it easier to enter the data into Papa Elf's spread sheet of good boys and girls. Your Phone number will remain private, Papa Elf just needs it in case he needs to contact you.

Example: (This is Papa Elf's actual wishlist. If you plan to send something to Papa Elf, please have it arrive no later than Dec 13th. Thanks.)
N3tjm <Enter>
Douglas Gardei <Enter>
137 Penn View Drive <Enter>
Middleburg, PA 17842 <Enter>
555-555-5555 <Enter>

Wishlist: Nar Membership Renewal. Nar Lifetime Membership. Motors Hardware: RMS 38/ 360 and 720 with the floating bulkhead. RMS 24/40-RC, E6 reloads, RMS 54/852, 1280, 1706, 2560 motor. Extended Closure. Motors & Reloads: Quest Q-Jets A-E (including the White Lightning Versions). Reloads for RMS 18/20, 24/40, 24/60, 29/40-120 (E23-5T, G53-5FJ, G64-4W, G76-4G). Reloads for RMS 29/120 (including G25). H128, H180, and I200 loads. Conspirators take note: Papa Elf has been a very good Elf and he has been in the mood to build a LOC 7.6” Kit, Like the SkinWalker, Bruiser EXP, Patriot, or Phoenix. RMS 38 Set (with Spacers and floating bulkhead) RMS 54 Set (With Spacers and floating bulkhead), J800, K550, and or K1100 Reload. L1000 DMS (Wishful Thinking). RMS 98/10240 and M1939 reload (Really wishful thinking, but I would love to fly my L3 rocket again, and actually see it fly this time.) Blast off Flight Pack. A8-3 or B6-4 Bulk Packs. Electronics: Missileworks RRC2+ Altimeter, Missileworks MiniTimer4. Quark Eggtimer, Jolly Logic Chute Release. Eggtimer Quantum, Eggtimer GPS Tracker/Flight computer 70cm Ham Version (my call sign is N3TJM), Eggfinder LCD Handheld Reciever 70cm Ham Version with LCD-GPS Module. Rockets: Aerotech: Mega Initiator, Arreauxbee-Hi, G-Force. Apogee: Saturn 1B, Saturn V (Wishful Thinking). Estes 1/100 Saturn V, Saturn V Skylab, Antar, Astrocam, DARC-1, Der Big Red Max, Door Knob, Honest John Nike Smoke PS, Starship Nova ,Designer Kit Special, Vesta Intruder. Dynasoar RC Kits: The Arrow, Orbal Transporter Mini, Star Clipper Mini, Valkyrie, Aurora Clipper, Space Shuttle. Pemberton Technologies: Bucky Jones, Space Ark. Others: AMW Gift Certificate. Hobbylinc Gift Certificate. Performance Hobbies Gift Certificate. Gift visa to buy Gas. Anything from Wildman. TRF Lifetime membership. Anything you think Papa & Mrs Elf would like.

Have Fun!

Papa Elf

P.s. Mrs Elf says she wants something Pink.
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Wow can't believe its already that time again!
I'm in!
Email on its way soon as I tidy up a wish list.

Edit: add wishlist below

Estes Kits - Red Nova, Black Brant II, Patriot, Big Daddy, Nova Payloader, Super Neon, Ghost Chaser, Sidekick
Semroc Kits - MMX Fat Boy, MMX Goblin
Any kit in your stash you want someone to have fun with or surprise of your choice.
Estes motors - 1/4A3 to B or bulk packs (No A3-4Ts please, already have plenty)
Quest motor - Q-Jet A3-4, Q-Jet B4-4
Recovery Parts - 9", 12", 15" or 18" thin mil Top Flight Parachute, 1/4" elastic for shock cords
Tools - Estes tube cutting guides, Kuhn tube cutter
Funds to put towards NAR Membership, gift cards to Rocketry Works, eRockets, Hobby Lobby, other rocket suppliers/vendors, etc., gift cards to Home Depot or Walmart to be used towards sandpaper, primer, paint etc.
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Email sent. Here's my wish-list
Wishlist: Low and mid-power only: Any rockets from NewWay (except Big Bessie, and Exocet, got those already); Estes Super Mars Snooper, Interceptor, Honest John, Sasha, Mini-Fatboy; Oop stuff, even opened kits, especially the cool and funky ones that Estes and Centuri did in the 80’s; Estes Star Trek Enterprise or Klingon ship; Would love an Estes SR-71; Odd’l Rockets F-16 or F-104; low and mid-power motors; and anything else rocketry related - because Rockets!
Wow, that time of year here already....?

Okay, count me in. Email on the way.

-Wish List-

Estes: Saturn V Skylab, Antar, Der Big Red Max
Loc: 4" V2, 4" Phoenix
Composite Warehouse:
3" or 4" AGM-12D Bull Pup
Mac Performance: 3" or 4" Sky Scraper, 4" Pluto SLAM
Madcow: 4" Phoenix, 4" Fiberglass Rogue, 4" Fiberglass V2, 4" Fiberglass X-Celerator, 4" Fiberglass Lil Rascal SE, 6" Fiberglass Stinger
Pem-Tech: King Kraken
PML: Striker, Pterodactyl Jr, 3" Bull Puppy, Bumble Bee
Wildman: 2.6" or 4" Wasserfall, 4" Gizmo, 4" Lance Beta

Loki: 38/480 w/bulkhead & #19 nozzle

Featherweight GPS
Marsa 33LHD
Eggtimer Proton
EggTimer Voice Module
Eggtimer Telemetry Module

Gift Cards:
AC Supply, Madcow, Sirius Rockets, Wildman
Thanks, email sent...


Tango Papa 1.6 upscale Mars Lander
Shrockets, any- Ibis, Johnny Star Commander, Sea Sting, Skonk Wulf
Sirius Rocketry - Any/all three Interrogators
ASP - Tall Boy and/or That Tube Rocket(29mm)
PML - Bumble Bee and/or Striker
LOC Precision - Any Park Flyer series, 5.5" Goblin
MAC Performance - 4" 3FNC
Wildman - Wild Thang Sport and/or Jart- any Aerotech or Cesaroni reload up to J, or gift certificate
SNG Aero - X-15, X-15 Delta, V-2 Resin cast
Composites Warehouse - Pershing 1A 5"
DG&A Mini Armaggedon
Pemberton Kraken, King Kraken, Space Ark, Space Ark Jr, 3FNC.and/or TRF Logo Rocket
Squirrel Works - DSRV Gartrell, Starduster
Fliskits - Avalear, Corona, D Nelson Tomahawk, Spad, Stingray, Thunderbird, Triskelion, Journeyman, Mako
Jolly Logic Chute Release

Edit: added Fliskits to the list- helps to check it twice... :wavingsanta::christmastree:
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And remember:

  • L0 people have no clue to L3 wants or needs. Asking your L0 S/S for a 4" carbon tube coupler to fit the vintage Pole cat 4" tube is gonna confuse them. Make sure your list has things they understand / can get..
  • $50 may not seem like a lot to you, but it likely is to someone else. If the cheapest thing on your list is a 4" x 72" CF tube, you may not get it / may look like your asking too much..
  • If you say 'anything' expect 'anything'. The more choices you give, the better we are at satisfying you (and yes, I know what I wrote.. :D )
  • List the motors sizes you like. Getting the dealer's special for 'mini motors' may be a waste if you only use / are equipped to use 29mm motors..
  • Don't forget to think outside the box: tools maybe? Clothing: Shirts? maybe your S/S works at Boeing, and can score you a pretty sweet polo shirt of their new 797
Remember to think of the other guy: if I got my list, is it easy to understand / know what they want?
E-mail has been sent. My wish list is extremely short (some nylon parachutes from 12" to 18", and a Jolly Logic Chute Release), so somebody will luck out with mine! Just hope I don't get someone who only lists J, H, or I motor reloads! 😂
E-mail sent! Thank You for doing this again this year! My wishlist is:

Estes: Destination Mars MAV, Der Red Max, Big Bertha, Space Corps Corvette, Tazz, Big Daddy

Apogee: Amarok, Peregrine, Zephy Jr.

Binder Design: Excel 3” 38mm, Excel 3” 38mm w/dual deploy, Devastator w/retro decal package

LOC Precision: Photon, Forte

Madcow: 2.6” Mozzie, 2.2” Scooter, 2.6” Momba, 2.6” Discovery, 4” Cowabunga

Wildman: Punisher 3”, Eagle Claw Mini

DG&A: Lazarus, Predator
I'm in again...

I mostly fly mid and high power, with a couple exceptions.

Hardware & reloads:
Any AT reloads, particularly 29mm hobby-line (for 29/40-120 case)
Loki 38mm reloads (I have all 38mm cases except the 740)
CTI 29mm 3g cases (looking at ~3 total for clustering)
CTI 29mm closure
AT 29/180 case/closures
EX Propellant chems
Snap-ring (EX) Hardware, 38mm - 75mm.
Your old Kosdon reloads!

Eggfinder mini

Fliskits stable/unstable T-shirts
Sunriver Nature Center (Oregon) gift certificate
Gift card for LOC, Madcow, Wildman, MAC Performance, Mach1 rocketry, etc
Rocketry-related stickers

LOC Tri-star
Any MAC Performance kit (what is this Phenolic Canvas stuff, anyway?)
Any Mach1 Rocketry kit (BT60 or larger, please - I have poor parachute packing skills)

Building supplies:
4" composite tubing
3" composite tubing
1/8” FG Fin stock
Centering rings, bulkheads, etc
1"/BT-50 composite tubing (Minimum 2' length needed, prefer longer)
Ripstop Parachutes, 18" or larger
Here is the list of all the Santa's that I have received an e-mail from:
Alan R
Brian Ditmer
Buddy Michaelson
Michael L
Pem Tech
Wally Ferrer
Updated 11/24/2021
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I'm in! E-mail sent. Here is my wishlist!

Wishlist: Any sort of cool LPR thing, especially a cluster motor mount (18mm) for a BT-60 tube, or a single engine motor mount (18mm or 24 mm) for a BT-56 tube! I am not picky. I will take any sort of rocket-themed, LPR gift. Sorry! I am not HPR or MPR yet so those things don't help me!
I am in again this year
here is wishlist
Wish list
NCR F117
NCR Bounty Hunter
NCR Lance Delta
Estes Blue Origins
Estes Mars Snooper
Estes Antar
Estes Vesta Intruder
Squirellworks Gatrel
Pemberton Technologies Bucky Jones
If you are a vendor, and want to contribute to the papa elf special, please send me a PM. Thanks.

Only had a couple more people sign up since I last updated the list. 8 More days left to sign up.

Conspirators, don't forget to read my wish list and think about what you want to conspire this year :D

In other non-related news... my missing F15-8 rocket motor was found.
I'm in!
AeroTech slotted body tubes and couplers. (1.8", 2.6")
RCS 29/180 EMK™ High Power Experimental Motor Kits
RCS 29/40-120 EMK™ Model Rocket Experimental Motor Kits-Medium Throat

I hope there is enough time given the supply chain issues...
Email sent, packing gnome sacrificed, signature changed and wish list to follow:
Wait, what do you mean a sacrifice wasn't necessary???

Wishlist: This is the hard part. LOCPRECISION 2.63 PHOENIX, plastic safe CA, CA thick and thin, 5 and 10 min epoxy, any strange and truly unusual kit (even if it is your own design). Estes Mars Snooper, I've never had one! A CENTURI ORION, for the same reason. A can of Cuttlefish preserved in it's own ink. (Not really, we already have one of those.) A KUHN TUBE CUTTER. USS ANDROMEDA, haven't had one since 1973. A 1/4 X 48" launch rod. Mine ran off.
I'm In :headspinning:

Wishlist: Anything LOC, RocketPoxy, V2 Rocket Book “The Rocket and the Reich”, #11 Exacto blades, Eggtimer Voice Module.