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Selling up, UK

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Feb 23, 2009
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I have a Loc viper111, has flown about 5 times very good condition,Loc Stovi,part built,Mercury RDR11 bit battered but flys well, Mercury Intergrator flown once on 3 Ds, . Also have a Helfire launch pad from the rocket shop with various launch rods,also a custom built control box, which incorperates a pratt go box. Would like to sell as one lot, but maybe split it if theres enough interest.
If interested, please make me an offer, im not looking for silly money but dont want to give it away either.

rockets 1 001.jpg

rockets 1 002.jpg

rockets 1 005.jpg

rockets 1 006.jpg

rockets 1 003.jpg
These were posted as 2 different threads, so I've merged them for you. Good luck selling, I still haven't been able to find a buy for my Helfire pad.

If you're a member over at the UKRA forums you might want to try posting there, you'd be more likely to find a UK buyer.

Thanks WIK im not a member of UKRA so will have to just post here or if no interest, ebay.