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Stealth6 is Selling Out! BIG Sale!!

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May 1, 2011
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Stealth6 is Selling Out.......BIG Sale!!

For various reasons, none of which ultimately matters to the point of this thread, I'm stepping away from rockets. And I'm going to make as clean a break as I can. Which means EVERYTHING must go. I'm selling it all....complete rockets, avionics and tracking, chutes, launch equipment, parts and pieces, motors, etc.........the whole schmiel.

Now, if you're interested in participating, and picking up some great deals.....
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!! Those who've dealt with me before (and there are lots of you), know that I deal fair and clean, I'm a conscientious seller and buyer, and I care about honest and good transactions. But.......I am NOT a vendor, and even vendors who are (in theory anyway) equipped to handle lots of complicated transactions quickly and efficiently get bogged down during special events. This is likely going to get complicated real fast, and I'm only going to be able to respond to emails and such when I'm not at work or doing other things. So PLEASE be patient, don't expect immediate answers or same day shipping and such, and I promise I'll treat you right. You WILL get great deals, and you WILL get treated with respect, but it may take a bit more time than dealing with a professional vendor. PLEASE be patient.

I'm going to post this information here first, and wait until it's been up for a bit before I list any actual items. The listings will follow in the next couple of days.

Now, on to some details:

Contact: Do not "place orders" or ask questions via PM here on the forum. That's going to get messy real fast. Please send all communication regarding this sale to my email which is sixtysixrockets "at" gmail "dot" com.
IMPORTANT!! -- please supply both your real name AND your TRF name in correspondence!!!
You CAN ask general questions here on this thread, and I will try to answer them in a timely manner.

First Come First Serve: I will prioritize orders/requests by the order they arrived at that email. Furthermore, I will consider something as "sold" when payment is made and/or confirmed.
Now, "confirmed" can be a tricky word, can't it? Here's the thing.....many of you I consider trustworthy and I've had great dealings with the past. There is no way to quantify this exactly, but suffice it to say "I know who you are". In some of those instances, if you are one of those people and you tell me that "payment is on the way", I may consider that as "confirmed" and that item as "sold". I'll let you know if this is the case.
Other than that, I'm considering an item as "sale pending" (and therefore still up for grabs) until I have actual payment in hand (or confirmed electronically).

Payment: For most of you this will mean Paypal. If you commit to buying something (via the email contact listed above), I will give you instructions on where to send funds. It is NOT the same email address!! As much as I hate it, I will not ask folks to use "family/friends" as there will be so many transactions that will likely get me into some trouble.
As per the note above, some of you I know enough already to trust, and I may give you the option of sending a check if you want.

Shipping: Yuck, what an awful (and expensive) hassle. I dread this part of it. But all that matters to you is "how much?" and "how fast?" All I can tell you is that I'll try to do it as fairly as I can. Some items (small electronics and such) are easy; I'll drop them in a small Priority Post box, charge the fixed rate and send it out. But large items, or mixed orders have the potential to get very complicated. I'll do my best to figure out what it will cost, and get that to you for approval as quick as I can. But please be patient with me as this part of things may take some time (and remember I'm not a vendor but just a guy doing this in his limited spare time).
I will charge "reasonable" rates, and I will make every effort I can to ship quickly. I do not believe in making money off of shipping charges, but I also don't believe in losing it.

Pricing: I think you will be happy. I try to price things at what I consider a good, or even great, deal. But I also need to get enough out of it to make it worthwhile. If you think pricing is too high, well there it is. I'll consider offers I suppose (especially on larger mixed orders), but this will at best slow down the whole process and make it that much more complicated.

Updating the For Sale listing: The text of the original listing will be in BLACK. If there is a sale pending on a given item, I'll put a note on the end of the listing in RED. Once something is actually sold (and paid for), I'll change the copy to GREY, and also put a "SOLD" note on the end in RED.
I'll try to update the listing as much as possible, but again I'm not able to attend to this full time and there will likely be delays (especially in the beginning).

Complete Rockets and "extras": This can get tricky. First of all, pricing these is complicated. Second, packing and shipping is even more so.
But the main thing is regarding included peripherals such as chutes, electronics, retainers, etc. I use motor retainers quite a bit, but I don't necessarily have dedicated caps for each rocket. Likewise, some of my rockets have dedicated altimeters, and some I move electronics from rocket to rocket. This applies to parachutes too.
So, here's how I'm going to do this. I will list the rockets without those items. The listings will be very clear about what IS included. However some of the pictures may show altimeters and such installed (so you can get an idea how they are meant to be set up). In those listings I will give options to purchase the appropriate altimeter, chute, etc. with prices listed. But do keep in mind that each of these pieces are available for sale on their own (or may be sold with another rocket), so if you want those extra items you may need to make up your mind quickly and commit to buy fast.
I tend to oversize my chutes. Due to hard landing surfaces, I often run larger chute sizes than some folks do. Bear this in mind when I list the chute that I used in my own flights.
I can also provide RockSim files for most of my rockets. Some are deadly accurate down to the gram, and others are rough/crude estimates that get the job done. I'll try to provide info about them in the listings.

And lastly.......
Propellant & Reloads: I have a lot to sell. Everything from 18mm black powder to 54mm AP. CTI, Loki, Aerotech, Estes, etc. Reloads and DMS. But........I can't ship, nor do I live close to anywhere that might be convenient for pickup. And honestly I'm not sure how to go about this. I'm open to suggestions, ideas, and offers. I'll list what I have to sell. I won't list prices, but I'm generally willing to sell for between 50-70% of retail. If you have an idea for how we could make a deal (like you're willing to pick up in southern Utah, or some other plan), I'm listening. If someone say wants to buy the entire lot (or at least a significant amount), it could be worth it for me to travel to someplace such as Denver, Santa Fe, Vegas, Salt Lake, etc. but I obviously can't do this for just a couple motors here and there.
update..............all propellant and reloads have been SOLD.

I know this is a long post, but it's important that everything is clear. If you want to ask general questions, go ahead and post them in this thread. If you want specifics about certain items, please communicate via the email listed above.
Be patient with me and I promise I'll do what I can to make every deal a great one.

Once I start the actual listings, it's going to get a big crazy. Hang on,
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From experience doing big sales here on TRF, and for your sanity, I would suggest doing it in phases. It's fine to post everything beforehand so people can plan their purchases, but only "release for sale" in groupings of a dozen or less--otherwise you will go nuts.
Aw Dave, I'm gonna miss you , but respect your decision. Since I hurt my back , I've seriously thought the same but it's permeated my life for over 40 years and it's hard to let go. My wife would be thrilled as she worries about "crazy old Dave' in the heat as I usually go alone. I'll PM you, but first, I gotta go rob a bank. (er-I mean, uh, get some money from somewhere-yeah that's the ticket-a Loan Officer I meant......) Any thots about a last Vegas run? Dix is right. Totally go with 'staging' it 'cuz you'll crash a server fer sure!

( My SIL live in St George-wife would be thrilled to visit her, as long as I can swing by for a rocket fix! No shipping hassle here.)
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Stealth6 is Selling Out.......BIG Sale!!

For various reasons, none of which ultimately matters to the point of this thread, I'm stepping away from rockets. And I'm going to make as clean a break as I can.

I HATE to see folks leaving this hobby which i myself returned to last year (Thanks UAH SHC!:clap:) I pray that the reasons get worked out...

When they do, feel free to come back and play anytime!!!

I hope someday you can return to this great hobby and everything goes well for you.
I dont know ya, but I hate to see folks leave the hobby. I am just getting ready for high power myself. Hopefully I can give some of your goodies a good home before they are all spoken for.

Good luck to ya and I hope all is well.

Sorry to see you go, and I hope your sale goes as smoothly and productively as you hope.

I want to give a good seller endorsement to stealth6 for those that are new around here. I recently bought a couple magnetic switches off him, and the transaction was as smooth and quick as anyone could hope for. I'm sure others have had similar experiences with him as well.
Good luck to you in whatever the future holds. Looking forward to the rollout of the electronics -Subscribed :cheers:
The suspense has built to an almost unbearable level. :cool:

I too feel some regret when I see folks leaving the hobby, but life happens. I hope everything works out well, and maybe you come come BAR in the future.
This is kinda for the new kids on the block:
Dave is a super mellow guy with tons of patience and always willing to lend a hand. Have no fear buying a complete rocket from him. His builds are strong and true and he never cuts corners. Don't try to screw him down 'cuz (whiny voice)"it's already built and might not be up to my standards") B.S.! Just because he doesn't post build threads doesn't mean Wayco and CJ have anything on him (sorry guys-you came to mind first-luv ya!). Most likely he'll let them go for a song and I wouldn't hesitate to buy any of his birds-repaired or not. Really sorry to see him go, but help out an old TRF'r to move on.