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Over 50 Rocket Kits For Sale- Package Deal- A couple of hard to find kits NIB!

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Apr 25, 2017
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Moving sale. I need to free up space and cash, story of my life! Anywho, I want to sell my rocket kit collection and accesorries. Everything must go in a package lot. I just dont have time to sell, package, ship, and keep up with selling this piece by piece. I've collected these over the years and there are a few items here that are very hard to come by(Estes V2/Micro Maxx Stuff ie). I have organized them by engine size and listed kit numbers where possible(Custom rocket company doesnt have Kit numbers). Almost all of this stuff is New In Box(NIB) or New In Package(NIP). Please use kit numbers to look up specific questions or to see what a model looks like.

I would much prefer local pickup in Stockbridge GA(30281).

I am willing to ship at your expense and understanding that a bunch of rocket kits in a cardboard box may be damaged in shipping. Also with the understanding that it will be expensive to ship(I am no expert shipper, but I would imagine three boxes and probably $80-100).
SOLD SOLD SOLD to "TangoJuliet". Looking forward to meeting you!

There are 50 rocket kits, some are worth more, some are pretty cheap, but this is a smoking deal at priced less than $10 a kit for some pretty cool stuff.

Email or by phone is the best way to contact me!

Underlined stuff is the older/more interesting kits.

Larger Rockets(D/E/F+)

  1. Estes "Prowler" ARF Complete Kit with Launch Pad/E Class Controller, Kit #9710 ---NIB
  2. Estes E Class "V-2" Kit #1952(Rare I think to find one NIB, had for many years)---NIB
  3. Quest "Minotaur", D/E/F Engines, Kit #5015---NIB
  4. Quest "High-Q" , D/E/F Engines, Kit #5012---NIB
  5. Estes Smaller, Newer "V2", C11/D/E Engines, Kit #3228---NIP
  6. Estes "Conquest" , Kit #7230---NIP
  7. Estes "Renegade-D", Kit #2410---NIP
  8. Custom Rocket Company "Equinox", 6 FT Tall D Powered Rocket---NIP
  9. Aerotech Mustang --- Never flown, but built and RTF.Yellow and blue striped rocket pictured Just need an RMS case, 3x motors included!

Smaller Rockets(A/B/C)

  1. Estes "Hunter's Choice" Launch set with 2 Rockets, Kit #1401---NIB
  2. Estes "Bull P*** Explorer Series Missle Replica, Kit # EST 7000---NIB
  3. Quest "HL-20" Lifting Body, Kit #2008---NIP
  4. Estes "Trans Wing Super Glider" Beta Series, Tows and Releases Folding Glider, KIT #2112---NIB
  5. Quest "SHX Steletto", Kit #2019---NIP
  6. Quest "Terrier-Orion" , Kit #2015---NIP
  7. Quest "MLAS", Kit #3014---NIB
  8. Quest "Triton-X", Kit #1617---NIB
  9. Quest "Penetrator", Kit #1618---NIB
  10. Custom Rocket Company "S.L.V."--NIP
  11. Custom Rocket Company "NOMAD"---NIP
  12. Estes "Alien Invader", Kit #3003---NIP
  13. Custom Rocket Company "LandViper"---NIP
  14. Quest "Aerospace One", Kit #3015---NIP
  15. Estes "Photon Probe", Kit #3026---NIP
  16. Estes "Satellite Interceptor" , Kit #3027---NIP
  17. Estes "Sizzler" Beta Series, Kit #2127, Rear Deployed Parachute Kit---NIP
  18. Estes "EPM-010", Kit #7216---NIP
  19. Quest "Cobalt" , Kit #1021---NIP
  20. Estes "Super Alpha", Kit #3216---NIP
  21. Quest "Seeker", Kit #1611---NIB
  22. Estes Crayon "Meteorite White", Kit #1109---NIP
  23. Estes Crayon "Satellite Silver", Kit #1111---NIP
  24. Estes Crayon "Atomic Aqua", Kit #1110---NIP
  25. Estes Crayon "Black Hole", Kit #1107---NIP
  26. Estes Crayon "Galaxy Gold", Kit #1108---NIP
  27. MPC Duck Doger Series "X-2 Inavder", Kit #MPCRKT008/12, Mars Martian Rocket---NIB
  28. MPC Duck Doger Series "Cadet Cruiser", Kit #MPCRKT009/12, Porky Pig Rocket---NIB
  29. MPC Duck Doger Series "Star Traveller", Kit # MPCRKT007/12, Daffy Duck Rocket---NIB
  30. MPC "KISS" LGSC-1, Kit #MPCRKT003/12, KISS Rock band decorated rocket and parachute, Quick Build---NIB

Tiny Rockets(Small A )
  1. Estes "Nike Arrow" , Kit # 0835----NIP
  2. Estes "Curvilinear", Kit # 3231---NIP
  3. Estes "Mini Fat Boy", Kit #2442---NIP
  4. Estes "Mini Comanche-3", Kit #2448, Super cool 3 stage mini rocket!---NIP
  5. Estes "Fletcher", Kit #2444---NIP
  6. Estes "Mosquito", Kit #1345---NIP
  7. Estes "Star Trooper", Kit #3031---NIP
  8. Estes "Mini Honest John", Kit #2446---NIP
  9. Estes "Blenders", Kit #3233---NIP
  10. Estes "Mini Max", Kit #2445---NIP
  11. Estes "Humdinger", Kit #2429---NIP
  12. Estes "Astron Elliptic II", Kit #2447, 2 Stage Mini Rocket---NIP
  13. Estes "Estes Jetliner", Kit #3230---NIP

Micro Maxx:
One Micro Maxx RTF Launch Kit. Includes 2 rockets("Vector-1" and "Raw Fusion"), Launch Silo and Controller, 8 engines and igniters. This kit is NIB, however it has been opened and the box isnt in great shape, contents are perfect and I believe everything is there.
(5 X) Micro Maxx 8 Pack of engines/igniters. Total of 40 engines here all NIP

Rocket Engines:
(3 x) Aerotech RMS 29mm Reload Kit "G71-10R"---NIP Reload Kit Only, Needs 29mm Motor housing from Aerotech---NIP
(4 x) Estes Educator B6-4 Bulk Pack , Each one Includes 24 engines/igniters/Plugs and wadding---NIB (96 engines total)
(2 x) Estes C6-7 , 3 Pack---NIP
Estes F15-8, 2 Pack---NIP




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Too bad you couldn't make a deal with a hobby shop? Great looking rockets!
I tried the couple of local shops around me first, but between quads and electric rc cars/planes, it seems people dont fly rockets like they used to...what a shame, so many good memories to be made with an estes rocket! Thanks for the reply!
Oh man! Very, very tempting. It's only about a 5 hour drive for me from Mobile, but I'm at work in Houma, LA, till Wednesday. It'd be next Friday at the earliest before I could make a trip there.
Oh man! Very, very tempting. It's only about a 5 hour drive for me from Mobile, but I'm at work in Houma, LA, till Wednesday. It'd be next Friday at the earliest before I could make a trip there.
Hey man. If you pay for it with paypal, and can guarantee a pickup by next weekend, Id be happy to store it for that week or so. I really dont want to ship if at all possible! I know I'm new to this forum, but can provide other accounts if you'd like to see feedback for myself(RCU, RCTech, Ebay). I am a reputable seller on the sites listed. Thanks for the interest and maybe we can work something out!

I'll have to think about it. If someone steps up to the plate before I give you an answer, don't hesitate on my account.
I'll have to think about it. If someone steps up to the plate before I give you an answer, don't hesitate on my account.
Thanks for the reply! We'll see if there's any more interest, I know its a TON of rockets. Lol. Take care, and get back home safe!
That's quite a chunk of money for some of us.
Is there a reason you don't want to break the bunch up in some way?
Or first come first pick?
My reason is stated in the ad.... It's time consuming to break this stuff down and sell it that way, but you're right, it is a chunk of money(for me too! Just a poor GA boy here, haha) ,and I may end up parting this out. Ive had several messages about the older kits, but ATM I'm using those as leverage to take the whole lot.

Thanks for the interest!
SOLD SOLD SOLD To TangoJuliet.

Thanks everyone for the good vibes and all the interest!!