Something for the people who like to make their own Mylar parachutes.

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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We at Rockethead Rockets are looking at make a Mylar parachute kit for you how like to make their own Mylar parachutes. What you will get in your kit is 5 18" x 30" Sheets of our .8 mil High quality Mylar, 50# tensile strength Kevlar and either 10 Number 10 or number 7 swivles. You can get all of this for only $4.95. We are also going to be adding the Mylar sheets 5 for $1.79, Kevlar 10 feet for $.95 and number 10 or number 7 swivles for $.95. It might be a couple days before I get any of these products up on my web site but you can order them now by e-mailing us at [email protected] The shipping on the parts will be $.90 and for the parachute kit will be $4.30 because it will need a long box as I will not fold the Mylar because I do like creases in the Mylar. Please let me know what you all think of these prodcuts.

I'd be interested in buying some of the mylar sheets, since I've already got a lot of the swivels and kevlar thread already. The question I have, however, is this: Would you be able to roll the kevlar around a soft core dowel, say, something the size of a BT-5? You could then put it into a fairly small tube or a skinny box.