Shipping AP reloads?

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Sep 22, 2009
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ok, i'm sure someone out there knows about this. I did a search on the forum already, and didn't find anything tho.
The main thing is i'm flying out to Cal and i'll be attending a launch there (weather permitting) and so i might pick up some reloads if the vendor is on-site, but i really don't think the people at the airlines would like me bringing back AP in my suitcase:p
so i guess i'd have to ship them to myself, but I've heard that not just anyone can do this. they won't be high power re-loads (probably just for the 29/40-120 casing. So can i ship them to myself or not?:confused:
well, that’s what i had thought, but still its *slightly disappointing* :(
when i lived overseas, tho, my uncle brought me a couple packs of Estes motors (A-Cs) in his carry on on the airplane!! luckily they didn't find out, but thats not a good idea:rolleyes: I didn't know he was bringing them, it was a present and he didn't know about them:D
on the way home from the same place I brought a gutted gernade and some rockets (not engines or anything, tho)...
thanx again!
I would submit that if you tried to bring model rocket engines today onto a commercial jetliner in this post 911 world, you would be hauled away as a noncombatant terrorist, never to be seen or heard from again......
posible, he brought the engines over pre-911 (only by a few months tho). I came home post-911, and they didn't question anything i had.