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Jul 18, 2022
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Howdy folks!! I'm doing some online shopping and trying to save a little dough. I'm pricing out RMS reloads for my 29-40/120 case. So far "Flightsketch" has the best prices at approximately $18 to $20 for an RMS reload (let's say a G76-7G), but they are literally out of stock on everything except the LMS motors, which cost a lot more elsewhere. (Like 32.99 per) Next comes Balsa Machining in Nevada, which lists the G76-7G at $23.39, and then comes Chris's Rocket Supplies at $25.99 for the same reload. Given of course different shipping charges, and other discounts I may be able to find, I'm spending a lot of time doing math about where I should spend about $100 to $150 for enough motors to get me through the rest of the summer.

Vendor "Rocketship Games" shows up at our local launches and I am seriously considering that instead, as regardless of what he charges for a reload, I think I get a 15% discount as a CENJARS member, and there's no shipping and I literally have it in my hand as soon as I hand over the credit card. But, if anyone has a good lead on cheaper places to shop online, I'll happily take a look and compare.

I suggest you try to support your local vendor as much as possible. Without support they will go away, then you will be stuck ordering on line for everything.

That being said, you also may wish to "share the wealth" and wait for Black Friday sales. Wildman's Saturday sale is well know across the galaxy (ok maybe just across the country).

I surely purchase the motors requiring HazMat shipping from my local vendor. I have ordered from BMS, Wildman and I think (Maybe) BuyRocketMotors dot com. I once ordered from CSRocketry and picked up my order from his home because I was passing through his town. I have never had bad service, nor felt like I got a bad deal from any vendor.
I also buy from BMS and now only for high power reloads and do a largish Pre-order for best price.
Since Joe (RocketShipGames) is also at my local club launches I now buy the smaller re-loads from him.
Might be a good idea to drop him an email listing what reloads you need so he can ensure having them at your launch.
I would encourage you to buy from your local vendor. Sounds like you have no reason not to if their prices are fair.

Robert and Gloria DeHate of AMW Pro-X frequently attend launch events with ROC and Tripoli San Diego. The service they offer both to buyers and the larger community makes them worth their weight in gold.

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