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Jun 27, 2004
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Underdog Rockets is holding a contest to name our new kit that you can check out here.
Be creative. When thinking of a name, think about it's looks, motor config, and everything else. Let us know by emailing me at [email protected]. We will decide on the winner 2 weeks from today!

Oh yeah! The winner will receive $20 off of one of these, or anything else of your choice at Underdog! So, get thinking and be creative!!
OK! I think I am going to step up the closing date on this thing to Wednesday. Come on guys, just give it a shot!

You never know, if some more people don't just try this contest, you could win! So far, we have not had a very good response....:(
OK! Get those entries in! The contest ends tonight at 12:00AM! I will post tomorrow morning who won!!! So far, we have had some excellent entries! Keep 'em coming! :cool: :)
I just sent you a couple entries, it's not midnite here yet so I hope it still counts.

OK! We have a name! Thanks to everyone who participated. The entries were awesome!

The winner is....Andy Hobbs! The name he submitted was Optimized and we modified it for the Underdog Rockets Gamma III Optimized! Congratulations! We will email you in a few weeks with your $20 off!!

Everyone else, again, awesome entries. Come check this kit out for yourself!! I can assure you, it will be worth it!
Thanks !

After looking at my Graduator and Initiator..Optimizer just popped in my head.

I'm definately getting one.
Everyone who entered into the contest, let me know if you did not receive a 10% off in an email!! :D
Originally posted by phaar
Everyone who entered into the contest, let me know if you did not receive a 10% off in an email!! :D

I got my email..... How do I get my 10% off when I order? Is there something I need to say when ordering?

When will you have your crayon kits ready to ship? That's what I want!!!!!! 38mm version
Well, I pretty much know who I sent the emails to due to the low number of submissions. Plus, just let me know and I will check the list of entries to see if you are there!

As for the crayon, I would hold off on the purchase! There is a bigger and better crayon coming soon! I PMed you with details!
Originally posted by phaar
I PMed you with details!

I got it, but was unable to reply... Your mailbox is full.....

Empty it a little and we'll talk about the crayon......