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Oct 9, 2003
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I downloaded you piston launcher plans from the NARHAMS website. Looked them over briefly, will study them in detail later. Two quick questions:

1) These plans are for a floating head piston launcher, correct? i.e., it looks like the piston head is not permanently attached to the support shaft.

2) Does anyone use 24mm piston heads, or is a piston less useful for larger diameters?
Actually NO! My pistons are not floating head, they are Metal head pistons. Floating heads still have a few reliability problems to be resolved.
I didn't include information on 24mm pistons in Tech-tip-008. They are way more difficult to make because the metal head must be built up to ID diameter to fit the slide tube properly Using a heavy wall copper pipe instead of brass tubing. I've used 24mm but the advantages seem to lessen with the larger dia.??
Floating head pistons concept is REALLY KEWL, but as the US international team found out last year.. there are some difficulties in actual practice. Very involved, I don't feel qualified to talk about these "hang-ups" causing the head tube to be carried aloft with the model. Sorry.