LOC Precision Order?


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Jun 3, 2021
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Lexington, OH
I'm already up to 2 on my build wall, 1 in transit. And I don't even have a level 1. Just felt like building something more complex than a regular rocket.

Loc Goblin 4".
Loc IV 4". Completed assembly, last night. Fillets tonight. Setup for dual deployment. Pretty easy build.
Madcow/Apogee Torrent 4".

Waiting on two RRC2L's, screw switches, and Mach1 fin guides to finish the Torrent. It's ebay is setup to fit the Loc4 as well. The Loc4 just needs some tape around the bottom ring to take out slop inside the coupler. The Madcows switch vent is in the switch band. But in the Lok4, they line up inside the coupler. So I tape them over. The Lok4's vents are on the payload section.

Marco Polo's are apparently sailing circles, off the coast of california. Should have named the company after Neil Armstrong, maybe. A soon as those are back in stock, I've got plywood bays, in 2 nose cones, ready for them. Stupid hole saw for those bays, ate half of one of my fingers.
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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
FINALLY got my LOC and my two Apogee orders yesterday. Was a little confused with the length of the threaded rods, but a quick e-mail to LOC addressed that issues. Apparently, the e-bay only takes half the length of the tube coupler. That gives half the length extra room for the recovery system. Nice :D.

I'm thinking a K1103 might be a good motor choice for this rocket :D