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May 23, 2004
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Since I live in Germany, I do all of my hobby shopping on-line. Flying 10000+ round-trip miles to go hobby shopping just is not happening. I would like to know some of your favorites and why. Here are some of my favorite vendors (my opinion), not in any order:

Scale Rockets, www.scalerockets.com, Jim Myres is super helpful and very knowledgeable on the big and semi-big stuff.

A2Z Hobbies, www.a2zhobbies.com, big selection, great staff and good communication. Prices are great too!

Pratt Hobbies, www.pratthobbies.com, It is obvious that Doug Pratt loves what he does and he stands behind everything he sells.

Balsa Machining, www.balsamachining.com, huge selection of quality parts, fast shipping (when folks are not ordering 800 nose cones) and very responsive to e-mails.

Of course, FlisKits, www.fliskits.com has got to be the hands down winner. Jim Flis should be teaching customer service, some vendors could learn a lot.

I have a few more, but I ran out of room!
I suppose since "shout-outs" to favorite vendors can never be overdone, I'll chip in with my favorites.

Fliskits.com, JonRocket.com, Thrustline (on eBay), STL Rocketry (edwardw), GreatLakesHobbies.com, FireStar Electric Matches (https://www.craftershome.net/FireStar/), Semroc.com....hmmm....well, I certainly hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

I say kudos to the vendors that keep us happy and stay on top of it.
FlisKits (although Jim does indeed set the standard!)

Art Applewhite (if Jim had competition in the customer service world...Art just might be it!)

Public Missiles, Ltd.

US Rockets

BSD Rocketry (I know they've gotten a bad rap as of late but I have had a couple of very positive experiences in the past...)

Thrustline Aerospace

Rockethead Rockets

Yep ... Flistkits, Semroc, Rockethead, Art Applewhite & Thrustline all get a thumbs up from me.

I also must add Deepsky, for being the *only* rocketry shop worth looking at in the UK.
I've had good experiences with all of the UK vendors. Over the years I've probably spent more money with Pete's Rockets than any other, but I have to say that customer service has become increasingly patchy of late. I've never had any reason to fault either Apo11o or Rockets & Things, but right now Deepsky can't be beaten for sheer range and the ease of use of the on-line store.
Yep Deepsky rock, my last order was pretty slow and problematic but Paul kept me up to date and it didn't seem to be their fault.

Apollo 11 was exceptional with Tony, I've only placed one order with Alan, it took a bit longer but was still very smooth. Top companies!
I have to also add a big thumbs up to JonRocket,,

great prices,great communication,and speedy delivery

plus orders over $20 are free of shipping cost
I'd like to add a reccomendation for Mile High Rockets. They recently posted that delivery was free on all orders. I queried if that applied to the UK, and they said they would give it a shot to see how expensive it was. Nice stuff too.
Performance Rocketry - Ken is the man, he calls me when he gets motor orders;)

Hangar 11 - Bobby B. is a good guy that goes out of his way to make people happy

Magnum - Ross runs a good buisness, great prices on HPR motor hardware!