EVENT Tripoli East NC Schedule for 2019

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Alan Whitmore

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Aug 27, 2013
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January 19-20 2-day event at Bayboro
February 23-24 2-day event at Bayboro
March 2 low power launch at Butner
March 23-24 2-day event at Bayboro
April 27-28 2-day event at Bayboro
May 25 low power launch at Butner
June 22 "
July 20 "
August 24 "
September 28-29 2-day event at Bayboro
October 12-13 2-day event at Bayboro
October 26-27 2-day event at Bayboro
November 16-17 2-day event at Bayboro
December 21-22 2-day event at Bayboro

* All Bayboro event are conducted under TRA Research Rules, but all flyers are welcome
** Butner events are non-waivered (low-power motors, rockets less than 1.5 kg)
If you've never been to the Bayboro site, it's HUGE. I've heard it called "The Black Rock of the East Coast". Seriously, I've seen plenty of L3 certs that were visual recovery due to the large crop cleared land area. Look it up on Google Maps.

Alan and the crew there are tremendously wonderful people, quick to help, easy to talk to, and free flowing with knowledge, encouragement, support, and respect.

Some of the biggest rocket projects launch at this place with never a question as to recovery possibilities, and it's a tailor made spot for L3 cert flights.

Highly recommended for a visit on any flying day! Bring some rockets and test the waiver.....and bring a tracker (winds known to be highly variable) :)