Super Bowl Madness!

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Jul 21, 2002
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Ok now, who are you rooting for? Any "bets" on the final score?

Anyone else here think we should try and get a rocket launched from the 50 yard line before kickoff? Anyone here know someone the idea could be pitched (er punted:D) to? Would be a cool way to celebrate Super Bowl XXXX
The Patriots


cheering agianst the Patriots can get you arrested for treason ;) ;)

(Remember.... it is not healthy to mess with a moderator...)
Originally posted by KenParker

(Remember.... it is not healthy to mess with a moderator...)

I'm with him!!!!!!! Go Carolina........... That 4th down play by the pats wasn't close on the re-play!!!!!
There was a game? darn it I blinked.
Or in the UK 22 grown men chasing a lump of leather around a field.

David:D :D :D
32-29 PATS! I watched the whole game, AND Survivor afterwards. You can do that kind of thing when you dont have to get up untill 10 oclock the next morning! Yet another reason to homeschool!
Neil I never knew you were homeschooled what grade are you being homeschooled in?Is it easier then going to school?
7th grade.

It is MUCH easier than normal schools. I get up at about 9 to 11 oclock, do a few pages of math, a little vocab, a little shooting of the ol' BB gun for recess, and thats just about it. I do some computer stuff, but mostly out of a stupid book that gives you half the awnsers on the front page. Heres what one page was like:

On one side of the page, it explains what you are doing. It has a little blurb that says: "fun fact! blah chirps per minute=blah degrees C." (we are talking about cricket chirps to determine the temps. ). On the back it says: "write an equation to determin the temp from the chirps per minute." I flip the page over, copy it down, complete a graph on the back, and hand it in, easy as pie!

So the hours are shorter, the field trips are better (Can you say "rocket launches", children?), the recesses are better (I fill paper towel tubes with .177" holes. In other words I set up a line of paper towel tubes behind a 4" thick wall of snow, and shoot them down with a BB gun. Its fun, and not the least bit educational! Or I stick them IN the wall of snow so you have to hit them a dozen times to make em fall!). Also you can take care of your puppy (I am getting a Golden in 6 days, if you havent seen the thread yet...) , cats, ETC.

What WAS this thread oridionally about, anyway? Oh yeah. didnt ANYONE else watch the game!? Doesent look like it.... Milo managed to get to Reliant Stadium, that lucky duck.:mad:
Originally posted by Neil
What WAS this thread oridionally about, anyway?

Perhaps it is time to squeeze a few spelling lessons into our home-school day?

(and now my soap box is put away again)
Yep I made it to the game and I plan to watch the video soon enough. I hope to have some pictures up on the web tonight.
O haa hae. verry finny. You proabably have noticed I type the word "the" like this: "teh" a lot.;)
Originally posted by powderburner
Perhaps it is time to squeeze a few spelling lessons into our home-school day?

(and now my soap box is put away again)

I like your recess. My high school used to have a rifle club.... but it was long gone when I attended. Bummer.

When my college bill is paid off... I plan to get myself a .22 rifle...

At almost 25, the old .177 is kinda boring....

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