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Secret Santa 2009 Specials
1. 20% Discount
2. Free Giftwrapping
3. Free Priority Mail Shipping
4. Shipping direct to gift receiver
5. Shipment tracking info for gift sender
Just email [email protected] with the Type, size and color of the kit and the shipping address and I will reply with shipping and payment details. Orders received by December 18th will arrive by Christmas Eve.
FlisKits offers free shipping on all SS orders! (not including international - see below)

We also offer free gift wrap. NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, Christmas wrap will be assumed. Your SS order must be shipped to your recipient.

NOTE: For international orders, the shipping will be as applied by our site and your order will ship First Class International
K and S Rockets will be offering free shipping for US SS orders. To place your order pm me here or email at [email protected] with your order, TRF user name and your email address you want invoiced through paypal. We will ship direct to your SS recipient.
Pemberton Technologies is offering Free Shipping on all Secret Santa Orders, excluding international shipments.
And since we are in the holiday spirit we are also offering Special Pricing on all of our LPR kits.

Kraken - $19
Little Bucky - $25
Space Ark Jr. - $28
Screemin Green Meenie - $29

Be sure to only use the TRF Secret Santa button on the bottom of the product page, the regular button will charge you full price, drink all the kool-aid and steal your car. Orders may also be phoned in, faxed or emailed to us as well.

Please include your name and TRF handle, plus the name, TRF handle and address of your SS victim. All SS orders must be shipped directly to your SS victim.
Cut-off date for delivery of SS orders by Christmas is December 17th.
We offer free shipping on US orders over $40. We just had a gentleman place an order for a Secret Santa gift as well as a gift for himself (I think). We offered to split the order and ship the Secret Santa gift directly to the recipient.

We'll extend the offer to others. Place an order totalling more than $40 which includes a Secret Santa gift and we'll ship the gift to the recipient (US addresses only please) without any shipping charge.

Please leave a comment during checkout and/or email us and make it clear which item is to be shipped as the gift and, of course, include the address of the recipient.

-- Roger
QuickDip price reduced month of December. $7.00 off 40 gram bottle.

Get them while they last.
Visit and p/u a few stocking stuffers.

Estes Snitch 2 pak. $9.99 [ 50 available ]


Estes Oracle 49.99 [ 6 available ]


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