Never been shafted


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Nov 25, 2009
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Central Illinois

It just occurred to me that whenever I've purchased or replied to purchase something off TRF,
I've never been given a bum deal by anyone here who's been around awhile.

Yaaaah, ya see's someone with 3 posts who puts up a really enticing thing, so avoid it like the
plague, but sometimes a person wants to give something a "good home" to someone who will
likely fly a project.

Also, I asked a dealer about the availability about an RDF tracker one time and explained the project I wanted to use it in. He said he was out of stock and didn't know when or if he would advocate its production again.

Well, over 10 months later, I get a package in the mail with the device I wanted to get in the
first place, gratis or free to the vulgar out there.

Well the original project ended up with something else but I have something dastardly planned for the the 9mW AM radio tracker "with-my-callsign" on it. Can you guess what it is?

Kurt KC9LDH? (really?)