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Ted Cochran

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Jan 22, 2009
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There is so much chatter on the NARTARC Yahoo Group forum that people are starting to complain. That forum was really designed to be an email list for people to ask questions about the event, the rules, and approaches to building TARC entries. The original idea was that NAR mentors would hang out there and answer questions (without actually providing design solutions for the teams).

However, since rocketeers like to talk about rockets, some of those questions have generated, long, um, discussions, and that's more than many of the folks want in an email list. But a web-based forum like the Rocketry Forum is perfect. So I'm hoping we can do the discussions here, and the question answering there, and that I can be more brutal about moderating the Yahoo Group knowing that this Forum will be here as back up.

This Forum is subject to the Rocketry Forum's guidelines on posts (see the first question in the FAQ, link at the upper right of the page, or the guidelines link at the bottom of the page).

If it works out, great! Otherwise, I guess we'll try something else.

But remember, please try to avoid suggesting solutions for the design challenge--that's the teams' job!

So, have at it!


Ted Cochran
Harried NARTARC Yahoo Group Moderator

As you encourage your group to come here for related discussion, please ask that everyone make an attempt to learn the categories of discussion and post their discussions appropriately. In this type of format, if you're going to send a topic off on a tangent, it's much better to start a new thread than to try to steer an existing one.