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Jan 18, 2009
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NAR President Trip Barber just sent out an email asking for donations to the NAR-TRA legal defense fund.

The upcoming hearing scheduled for March is anticipated to cost ~$20,000 and the legal expense fund is almost empty.

You can read Trip's comments, and donate, here.
I had some money sitting in my PayPal account that I just donated to the legal fund. It isn't a lot, but I hope it helps.

I generally think of the money I have in PayPal as "fun money" to be spent on silly things like rocket stuff and never on sillier things like food or electricity. So, it wasn't a great sacrifice.

If you have some money just sitting there in your PayPal account, you can do the same thing. The NAR site doesn't directly take PayPal, but PayPal has a new browser-plugin that generates a single-use credit card number. It worked fine for me at the NAR site.

-- Roger
Let's face it. The economy is tough, but so are we. Both NAR and TRA have spent a fair bit of money in the past decade on our lawsuit against the BATFE's over regulation of sport rocketry.

This ongoing legal battle relies on your contributions. Both NAR and TRA have been very efficient in their management of the legal costs, and our legal team only charges us for actual time spent pursuing the lawsuit. No corporate jets involved.

NAR with ~5,000 members doesn't carry the clout of NRA with it's 8,000,000 members, but the NAR/TRA lawsuit is really important. As Trip said, a court appearance costs NAR about $20,000 so it's time to dig deep and pony up some dough.

If every one kicks in a little we can easily meet our goals. $5 is the cost of a pack of BP motors, and $25 is the cost of a full H reload. If every NAR member send in $5, we'd raise almost $25,000, and if every HP certified NAR member sends in $25, we'd raise over $50,000. You can donate on-line at the NAR website here

I'm sure TRA would appreciate the same from its members as well, because there share of the costs will be similar. The TRA folks should contribute to the TRA legal fund at