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Trip Barber

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Jan 18, 2009
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I have not seen a lot of publicity on here for the upcoming NAR Convention, so I thought I'd help the organizers by promoting it a little. As an all-virtual event courtesy of COVID, it is a lot more accessible, both in the US and internationally, than any NARCON has been before. No travel expenses or time required to get there, easy to be part of what you are interested in and switch around. It's a shame that we all have to miss getting together in person, but at least there is something we can all do together. I'll be there.

Trip Barber
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The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) is holding its annual winter convention (NARCON) this year as an all-online event on January 29-31, 2021. NARCON is where rocketry enthusiasts share technical hobby rocketry information, and aerospace professionals present insights into commercial, university, and public aerospace programs. This is an unusual opportunity to hear many presentations on technical topics in rocketry without having to travel! Of course, the event is run in the US Eastern time zone (GMT-5), so the schedule may be challenging for our friends in distant places!

The convention begins on Friday, January 29 with a keynote presentation by Dr. Bashar Rizk, a Senior Staff Scientist for the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission to the asteroid Bennu. He will provide an update on the OSIRIS-Rex mission now that the spacecraft has collected a sample from Bennu and is returning it to Earth. Afterward manufacturers from across the U.S. hobby rocketry industry will join in a roundtable where they will be bringing you news of the latest and greatest products and services from their companies.

On Saturday the 30th, NARCON will offer 18 hour-long breakout sessions in three parallel presentation tracks of 6 topics each, covering Model Rocketry, High Power Rocketry, and Spaceflight, You will hear about topics such as altimeters, creating graphics and decals, rocket GPS systems, rocket stability and safety, the Artemis moon mission, designing long-burning rocket motors, and many others – all from well-known experts. Finally, there will be an evening speaker and virtual tours of Cape Canaveral, LOC Precision, and Estes Industries . More events will continue to be added to the agenda of tours and speakers.

The full agenda and registration portal for NARCON is at:
Looks like a lot of interesting talks. I found it easy to register for Frank's (DynaSoar Rocketry) talk on Saturday. How will this be done? Are we using Zoom? Or You-tube?
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I have some dental work on Friday at 1:30 PM. In all likelihood I will miss the presentation on landing rockets. I think I will sign up anyways just in case I get back to see part of the presentation.

I noticed that Trip's web link in Post #1 is a good place to look at the agenda.