MK4 Rocket Propelled Companion Pod - My first MPR - Southern Cross Rocketry "Quake"

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Apr 11, 2017
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So while I wait for my frisket film to arrive so I can paint the flames on my first LPR 2-stage ( I have turned my attention to starting my first MPR build.

I have decided on 24mm motors to start with, as I have several LPR birds with 24mm MMTs that I can also use with larger motors...

I picked up an SCR Quake in their EOFY clearance..

I have started to model in OR (haven't had time to weigh, only measure so far...) and I have been playing with the finish design.
I still need to look at what reloadable 24mm motor I will go with - most likely an Aerotech 24/20.. I still need to do some research and figure out what I want to use in it, out of what is available locally...

View attachment SCR Quake.ork

I am planning to use my JLCR when it (finally) arrives..

I thought about a finish inline with the Quake game, but decided I would rather do a Portal/Portal2 theme..

A little googling and some SVG work later, and we have some custom decals that I feel are a little different:

Some more options for the decals as I think towards this build: