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Dec 11, 2009
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Hi Guys.

I am new here but a long time Rocketeer.

I wanted to make a mention of the Marsa4 Altimeter. I have yet to make my first flight with it but I wanted to make a mention of their customer service.

I got my first one about two months ago and after I tried to update the Firmware on my Windows 7 box, something went south. I emailed the company and they cross shipped a free replacement at their cost. I had it in 3 days.

So far so good.

I just had a mishap last night,
I had just finished my ground testing which went just fine and dropped my altimeter bay and the sled hit a tile floor trashing the LCD in the unit.

I emailed Marsa on a Saturday night and got a response on Sunday morning that Marsa would send out on Monday a replacement unit with a $12.00 charge for the LCD and shipping. A vendor can't do any better than this.

The Marsa unit is a bit more expensive than most, but having the LCD on the unit plus built in ground testing makes this an excellent choice.

I am going to be using this in a Giant Leap Rocketry Vertical Assault Dual Deploy. I have built several kits with them. GLR's Dynawind tubes are fantastic!

Marc Schlesinger
Tripoli 12176 L2
Nar 21632 L2
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they are great units. There are some hickups here and there with firmware but I think he got them all ironed out.

Latest firmware release seems to be 21 as of 12/5/09. Neat simulation mode.

John makes some nice toys.:happydeer: