Level 1 & 2 Loc/Pro Hyperloc 835 Build Thread

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Mar 24, 2005
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So I'm going to get cozy over here in the corner as I begin building this rocket for my Level 1 and 2 that I'll do sometime early next year. I've been out of the hobby for over 10 years and one thing is for certain, a lot of the building methods haven't changed but man, there's a lot of new techniques that weren't being used in the early 2000's. I like many, have a vast collection of hobbies but one that I always loved and had a huge passion for was rocketry. I always enjoyed the shocked face or the "huh" when you would tell someone you were launching a 5-10ft rocket. Amazingly not many people are aware that this hobby exists lol.

Now to the good stuff.

Over the holidays I was able to score a great price on a HyperLoc 835 from Ken at Performance hobbies. Leading up to the "black friday" sales, I had already mentioned to my wife, that I wanted to clean off my tables in the garage and get back to using my mind. Took to soldering a couple of EggTimers and it hit me like a brick.. I want to do this again.

Fast forward to today. My rocket after a few weeks wait, arrived a few days ago, I opened up the box, checked for missing parts and begin identifying sections and pieces while starting to draw up my design concepts in my head. And I just received the notification from my employer that my US Composites shipment has been delivered (I work for UPS).

I cant begin to tell you how excited I am to get started. I'll make sure to take tons of photos along the way and post up here, as well as ask questions. Thanks guys, Glad to be back!!