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Jan 20, 2009
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Just sitting here and I decided to ready the ingredents of the Slim Jim wrapper...Item #2 - Mechanically Separated Chicken.... What exactly IS mechanically separated chicken? Do I want to even know?
for starters the chickens are hung on a conveyor , a device that looks like a hole saw with a hook in it enters the chicken from the rear and grabs the entrails spins and pulls them out.
I believe even the plug that the hole saw cuts is not wasted.
To answer your question;No! You don't even wanna know how we used to make scrapple,sausage,chittlins and pigs brains.Have you ever seen goats head cheese?The worst of all would be Worcestershire sauce.Take a bunch of fish scraps,orange peels and other stuff then let it rot in an oak barrel for about a year.Mmmmmmmm............goooooood eatin'!!!!!!
I don't know which is worse, that Rocketman was pondering it, or that Stymye knew it!

I thought it might have something to do with the infamous chicken gun, but then I decided that that would be called "aerodynamic impact separated chicken."

how about haggas?;)
I've ate some of that, its actually not that bad:)
Lips, snouts, genitelia, and udders.

OK...what's in a can marked "Potted meat products"?

No...don't tell me!

There is an old joke about a finicky eater.

Tongue, yuck, man, I can't eat something that came out of an animals mouth!

Just gimme some eggs!
Originally posted by sandman
Just gimme some eggs!
Mmmmm, there's nothing as yummy as liquid chicken embryos which have been passed through a bird's butt! :D
One thing I've pondered in the past is which caveman decided that those things that came out of birds butts would be good to eat...

What I want to know is what happened when said caveman tried to eat said round things that came out of the bird's butt after they had been in the nest for a couple of weeks... :D

Originally posted by Neil
What I want to know is what happened when said caveman tried to eat said round things that came out of the bird's butt after they had been in the nest for a couple of weeks... :D


Actually, that is an Asain dellcacy. Oh, course they are preserved first... :)

What I want to know is who was hungry enough to eat the first lobster. I mean:

Let see, I'll take this big, ugly sea cockroach, boil it alive, and then eat its butt. Then If I'm real hungry I'll eat it's hands and legs. Then for the brass ring, I'll crack it's chest and see what I can mop up out of there...

Originally posted by Hospital_Rocket
What I want to know is who was hungry enough to eat the first lobster.:p

...or crab! Especially with that icky yellow crud.
I'm sitting hear reading this and eating "fish sticks".

So I wonder what part of the fish is the "stick"?

Is it like "chicken fingers"?
Originally posted by rstaff3
I hear the one part that isn't in McNuggets is the lips :D

This reminded me...

The sign of a *serious* fisherman is one who's tackle box is filled with treble hooks and bass lips...

Anyone here like calamari, mussels, escargots, beaver tails, moose or muskrat?
Calamari - some of it
Mussels - no
Escargots - not high on my list
Beaver tails - is alligator tail close?
Moose - deer can be OK, is it similar?
Muskrat - I'm not exactly sure what a muscrat is like - rat? beaver? prairie dog?

Frog legs, yum! But every time I eat them I think of those poor frogs having to get around on little skate-board-like things. :eek:
So far my "exotics" I have consumed list consists of whitetail,caribou,Mule deer,elk,black bear,buffalo,beefalo(really!)squirrel,rabbit,possum,groundhog,`coon,"real turkey"(not to mention my share of Wild Turkey in my younger days),grouse,pheasant,dove,quail and frog legs.Some of these are to die for and some(bear,although good when mixed with beef)I could do without.Out of all of these genuine tenderloin of Colorodo elk is just about the tastiest treat on the planet.Any elk is way above beef in flavor but that is the best of the rest.
Originally posted by GL-P
Anyone here like calamari, mussels, escargots, beaver tails, moose or muskrat?

Can't say about the others but I have tried calamari and mussels.Calamari is way too chewey but the mussels where o.k.
I used to work in a restaurant a while back and one of the cooks made Octo for the first time and it was so salty that I thought my head was gonna colapse.Those old stories about people going blind from too much salt are true too I can tell ya that.My vision got so blurry that I had to sit down and kill about a gallon of water to get my vision back and to quiet my heart rate.Needless to say we didn't serve that octo.
BTW just in case anyone's wondering what that yellow stuff is in crab meat they're eggs.I used to run the kitchen at a local convention center about ten years ago and separating the shell bits and eggs from the meat was one of the more tedious tasks we performed.This is also where my sudden and severe allergic reaction to crustations decided to rear it ugly and potentially deadly head.One day I was uh pickin' and ah grinnin' right along when my hands just suddenly started to itch and blister.The next time I tried it it was even worse still.As you can probably guess I farmed that one out to other people after that.Now at the time I didn't figure this as anything but an allergy to crab.Well the next time I tried some spiced shrimp at that years Christmas party I got a rather uncomfortable suprise.Well I knew I couldn't eat crab or shrimp.I didn't like crab anyhow but I loved shrimp.I thought I had found a good replacement with crawdads but the third time I tried them they started doing the same thing.Anyhow,I got around to mentioning it to the doctor/chef friend of the owners of the restaurant that I mentioned earlier and he let me in on the whole deal about it being an allergy to iodine.Any crustations as well as salmon are off the menu for me.unfortunatly it only gets worse each time you're exposed to it.Suppose i didn't like any of these foods and where totally unaware of an allergy to iodine and then suddenly needed an MRI or CAT with contrast?I don't even wanna think about what big ol' whopping syringe full of iodine would do to me.
Originally posted by GL-P
Anyone here like calamari, mussels, escargots, beaver tails, moose or muskrat?

Mmmmmm, and
bear, bison, emu,
conch, turtle and snake.

I belong to PETA (People for Eating Tasty Animals)
Add ostritch to the list..they make a decent burger. Well they can't make a burger but they can become one :)
I have a lucky job, in which I some times have to visit a food processing plant. (Proscess equipement desinger & installer)

I have seen teh inside of 'Blue Water Seafood' who make teh classic fish sticks, among other tasty fish treats..

Fish Sticks start aout as a 20kg block of prepared frozen fish fillets. These blocks are about 20x12x4 inches. The blocks are broken donw to manageble 'slabs' (20x4x1) thought a series of band saws.. yes, band saws.. and conveyor systems. These slabs are then put into a machine which chops them into 'fish sticks. Thsi machine, probably has about 15 'slots' for said 'slabs' Chunk! Chuck! Chuyck! the machine goes, dropping them sticks onto a mesh conveyor. Periodic checks to ensure teh sticks are neither too heavy or too light. Then they are dipped itot eh batter. Then intot eh deep fryer. This fryer is about 20' long, and about 5' wide. Covered of course, and vented. Then they emerge, afteter a pre=set cook time (the speed of teh conveyor x distance = total cook time)

then they go into a giang freezer, in which teh conveyor continues at its pace for about another 5 or 10 minutes to 'cool & freeze' teh fingers. they then are dumped into a 'pool, which is surrounded by about 10 women who grab the right amount per box, and place them in the box. The box is sealed, then placed in teh shipoping box, which alsoi then seqaled. Then, back int eh freezer they go! the whol process probably takes about 30 minutes.

The two weeks I was there, working with the QC / QA people, I ate enough fish to, well, I had fish fillets & patties & sticks every lunch time! Fries too!!

Smell? No, teh fish is moslty frozen, so it dosen't smell. The oil cookers smell more than anything. Everything has to be able to withstand their 'washdonw cycle, which happens every few hours. Line up the machines, open them up, and spray them down with fire hoses...

I've seen Dog food, peanut butter, chocolate bars (Hershey's & Comet), coffee, bread, concrete ( ready mix & pre-cast) being made. Neat, but can turn your stomach..
Well, let's see... most of the "exotic" animals I've tried have already been listed... but try this one on for size: deep fried grasshopper. Crispy, crunch, with soft moist center. Very good!

Reindeer was quite good as well - had it in jerky, sausage, and steaks. Guess even Santa's gotta cut his staff to keep up with Internet sales.

The Navy served what we referred to as "Triangle Fish" or sometimes, "Trapezoid Fish." Y'all know 'em as "fish sticks". :D

Originally posted by GL-P
Anyone here like calamari, mussels, escargots, beaver tails, moose or muskrat?

I've had the first three, and I'd be willing to give the second three a shot.

Anyone tried horse?
I had a sampling of ostrich egg once while I was in england, one of the subcontract companys we used, took us to a resturant that served nothing but exotic foods. they had all mannor of odd selections including kangaroo meat. I took the safe route and had duck.
How about oysters..the Rocky Mountain kind? I've never had them but the thought sounds gross.

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