CMASS Winter Follies & TARC Event - 22 January 2022 - Acton, MA

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Mar 6, 2010
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Amesbury, MA
It’s January and Winter Follies time is upon us. I hope everyone had a good and safe holiday season.

Sunday will be a little warmer but Saturday will have sunshine and that should feel pretty good. The Follies are a bit less formal than our regular launches so you won't need to fill out flight cards. There will only be six pads set up and we'll launch in salvos as opposed to our usual continuous launching with the circle. A few club members may be tied up with NAR S&T motor testing so if you can help out with safety check, pad management or launch control don't hesitate to step up.

We’ll still need you to read our COVID-19 restrictions and fill out the second page so you can present that for tracing purposes at the launch.

If you are on a TARC team or know of anyone involved with TARC this year, we'd like to invite you to join us for any practice or qualifying launches you'd like to do. We'll have four TARC-only launches scheduled for the Acton field in the coming months; check our website calendar for those dates.

As usual for Acton, there are no high-power or sparky flights allowed. Match your low- or mid-power motor to your rocket so it will land on the field; you don’t want to put it in the trees and we don’t want you to put it on Route 2. While we are paying rent for the field, we do not charge launch fees for the Winter Follies. We will be charging launch fees the rest of this year so it would be a good time to order a season pass. As we'll only be flying from 10 to 2, we won't be serving our famous hot dogs but they'll be back in April.

So bring your rockets, motors, starters and wadding; we’ll supply the launch equipment and all the advice you need and probably more than want.
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It was a great day for flying. All we had to do was survive one salvo of buckshot and the rest of the day was easy.
Full write-up coming to the website soon.
If you have any pictures from today's launch, please post them in the gallery on the website.