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  1. KennB

    CMASS 2021 Winter Follies - Acton, MA

    We are GO for Sunday, 17 January. It’s January and Winter Follies time is upon us. I hope everyone had a good and safe holiday season. Our plan was to try and hold this year’s launch on 09 January but we are sliding the date to the 16th at the earliest. This is due to the state limiting the...
  2. KennB

    CMASS Winter Follies 2020 - 11 January - Acton, MA

    The wind may not be great but the temperature won't be bad. The rain has all but disappeared from the forecast so we're going to go ahead with our Winter Follies on 11 January. The wind will be strong all day with gusts that will shut us down waiting for a lull. We'll set up at the end of the...