CANCELLED CMASS Launch and NRC Event - 09 September 2023 - Acton, MA

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Mar 6, 2010
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Amesbury, MA
We've played chicken with Mother Nature many times this season and have done pretty well as far as only having to shut down launches for a few hours total.

This weekend is different. The weather pattern for Saturday is very unstable with rain and, more importantly, lightning predicted throughout the day. For the small window that might be available, it's too risky to set up. Also, the following days are not promising so drying out the equipment after a wet launch would be problematic.

Windy taught me a term new to me; convection rain. That would be a big part of what is likely to happen in Acton on Saturday.

So we say goodbye to Acton and our cricket friends for the season (bandit launches not withstanding) and look forward to Amesbury two weeks hence hoping for clear skies and light winds from the northwest.
Disappointed, but looking forward to Amesbury! Let's hope for good weather.

I need to look up "convection rain". That's a new one to me.