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  1. P

    Why My Rocket Wont Reach Rocksim Projected Altitude

    I designed a rocket and put it into Rocksim, I'm using the F35W-5 motor for this rocket. It is 31.5in with a 3 in diameter and weighs 665g fully loaded with the motor and the payload. When I let Rocksim calculate the Cd it simulates the rocket going 887.25ft. However, when I actually launched...
  2. hambirm2018

    TARC 2019-2020

    New build underway
  3. F

    TARC Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm leading a TARC team for the first time this year and I had a few questions. 1. We are using OpenRocket to model the rocket and everything looks fine but the flight time looks a little unrealistic. We are using two body tubes and the weight of the rocket is around 300g right...
  4. M

    TARC—PerfectFlite Altimeter Needed—Emergency-ish—Hudson/Akron area

    We are a first year TARC team and we are running extremely late on the timing front. It turns out that our faculty adviser had not purchased the correct altimeter and therefore we cannot qualify. Does anyone happen to have a PerfectFlite Altimeter (Pnut, APRA or Firefly) that is somewhat near...
  5. KennB

    CMASS Hosting Three TARC Practice/Qualifying Launches - 2019

    The Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society will be hosting three special launches to give TARC teams a chance to do practice or qualifying flights or to hone their skills ahead of the deadline for submitting your scores. The dates are: 23 February 23 March and 06 April. The launches will...
  6. N

    Idea for controlling descent time with propeller

    Hi Rocketry Forum, In April I will be competing in TARC, and for those that don't know, this year the goal of the competition is to launch three eggs as close to 856 ft as possible and then recover the eggs with a total flight time of 43-46 seconds. You can find the full rules here. Although I...