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Jan 20, 2009
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After a high degree of success with the Fliskits A.C.M.E. Spitfire self-adhesive label "skins," I'm considering using clear self-adhesive labels for some custom decals on other models. Has anybody ever done anything like this? Does it work? Obviously, you can't print white without an ALPS printer, but besides that, any other limitations?

I have used the clear before but it does not appear crystal clear like I wanted...may have been the paper I got. I know vinyl printer shops do it in crystal clear.

I've used the Avery clear sheets. It works good but Carl's right, its seems to have a lite haze on it.

I used the Avery clear sheets to good effect too. I don't mind the slight haze, that's OK for a little quick-n-dirty. it's not so bad on lighter colors, white is the best.

a small part of me wishes I could get the awesome super finishes some people get, but a much larger part of me just wants to get out and fly some stuff and not be heartbroken if all my hard work flies away.
Actually if you are putting them over a white military rocket, they don't look too bad, especially after flat coating. Of course, every gets hazy then! :)

The adhesive paper that we use in our kits is called "Crack-n-peel". I am not sure if they make a clear backed version, but i've been wondering myself so I will try to remember to check and get back to this thread.

One of the biggest problems is if your rocket is painted anything but white, the base color will come through the ink on the decal...
or it used to be....

"stickybak" was a crystal-clear matte-finish material similar to "crack and peel" transparent labels...

I used to use it at an architectural firm when we still *gasp* were drawing on mylar.... we would have a note or a revision that would need to be placed in multiple locations on the drawing set....this stuff could be run through a copier and then burnished to the surface of the mylar for a nearly permanant adhesion.....

I work at a Kinkos (sigh) and we have a 8 1/2 x 11 clear adhesive sheet.... it only works in color digital / lazer printers though.... the color is more transparent than I think most would like....