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Dec 24, 2003
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Right now Home Depot has a very good price on Ryobi Bench tools. Not quite Harbor Freight Prices, but still OK.

That said, and this is for you carpenters, which is better suited for rocketry applications.

Bandsaw or Jigsaw

The bandsaw seems to be a bunch smoother in its cutting. Howeever the jigsaw seems more precise.

Any words of woodworking wisdom?

If I had to choose one or the other, I'd get the bandsaw. It seems more veristile to me. course, I'm the chainsaw type , myself:eek:

But...make sure the replacement blades are easy to get!

Buy some spare blades with the unit too!

When they break...yer done!
If it's the ryobi 9 or 10 inch bandsaw the blade is pretty narrow so you could still make cuts like the jigsaw would... I would also go with the bandsaw
Alot of it depends on what your going to use it for. I've used a scroll saw for the past 4years. And I think it can be used for more
Things than the band saw can. Atleast with that you can cut out center rings. And with the band sawall you can do it cut the outside of it. But with my band saw I can cut all the graphite nozzles out with that I need.
Thanks guys,

I went with the $69 Ryobi 9" bandsaw. I figure it will be best for:

Rough to medium cutting ~ I have the Ryobi 9" disc / 6" belt sander to finish things off.

Slicing body tubes

Turning (used) motors into thrust rings.

Slicing pepperoni (IMHO the ultimate snack food for eating while building) :p

I also like the fact that it has an integral dust collector.


Next up is a drill press.
If you ever want a nice precise machine get a good scroll saw. You can turn corners on those things like butter. I have a bandsaw, scroll saw and sliding mitre saw. I use the sliding mitre saw and scroll saw the most.