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Nov 18, 2003
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Hey is any body here in the Civil ar Patrol?I am thinking about joining but I was wondering if anybody else new anything about it.
Thats pretty cool but our civil air patrol squad does nothing with rocketry we get to guard F/18 hornets and B-17s we learn to navigate our way in the dark and do drill on turning left and right and even though I have done nothing like that yet I hope to get to do that real soon. Here are the pictures
In the mid-to-late 1970's I was a member of the Fort Wayne, IN

We focused on aviation of all types, including the occasional
rocket and booster/glider.

We had an Emergency Rescue Squad, an award winning
silent drill team and great times at summer encampments-
usually at Chanute or Grissom AFB.

One summer, I got to fly an F-4 simulator at Chanute. I thought
I was doing pretty good, until I climbed out and the AF instructor
said I landed 100 feet underground!!!

One of the 'cool' things our squadron was honored to do,
was perform guard duty for the US Army helicopters overnight
during a weekend airshow. The next day, we all got rides! :)

If you are considering a future at the Air Force Academy, CAP
will certainly look great on the application. If you want to have some
fun, work hard at fun things, pickup some disipline and work ethic,
and meet great people, CAP is a great way to do all that and more.


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