Camden, SC ICBM/ROSCO 2018 Launch Schedule

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Dec 11, 2012
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2018 Launch Schedule:
All dates are subject to change or cancellation. Please check before coming to the field.
January 13-14 ROSCO
February 10-11 ICBM
March 10-11 ROSCO
April 7-8 ICBM
May 5-6 ROSCO
June 9-10 ROSCO
July 7-8 ICBM
August 11-12 ROSCO
September 1,2,3 ICBM (Freedom Launch!)
October 13-14 ROSCO
November 10-11 ICBM
December 8- 9 ICBM
Are any of these expected to be 'regional' launches, like the Freedom Launch ICBM used to do?
Always thought a second regional launch would be a nice add, hmmm maybe like Memorial Day weekend, nice outside, not to hot that time of the years and during a time that people could make it ( 3 day week end).

Hey just sounding off, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain... :dark:
Due to field conditions and expected rain this weekend, we are cancelling the launch. *Please pass this information along.
March 10-11 ROSCO Sport Launch:

We are on for Saturday but the weather for Sunday does not look great for flying rockets. Please check our website, Facebook, or Rocketry Forum before coming to the field.
Sunday, March 11 launch is cancelled due to weather. Please pass this information along.
Saturday (April 7) ICBM launch is cancelled due to projected high winds and severe weather. As of right now, Sunday is a go for launch. We will speak with the land manager on Satuday to make a decision about Sunday. Please pass this information along.
I am hoping to make the June Launch. Fingers crossed. I amy nto launch, but I want to attend.
After discussion with the landowner, the Sunday, April 8 ICBM launch is cancelled. Please pass this information along.
Hap Griffith has volunteered to do a presentation of NASA Launches Up Close on Saturday at 8 pm in the Modern Turf shop at the field entrance. It will be BYOChair.
Because we share the Modern Turf field with the Carolina Sod Busters (the model airplane folks), we have had to adjust the October and November launch dates. The new dates are October 6-7 and November 3-4, 2018. The Carolina Sod Busters had to reschedule an event because of Hurricane Florence and they already had a large event planned for November 11 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.

Ken Allen of Performance Hobbies will not be at the October launch but will be on the field Sunday, November 4. Contact Ken if you need to place an order.

October 6-7 ROSCO Sport Launch
November 3-4 ICBM Research Launch
December 8-9 ICBM Research Launch
Come out an join us. The ROSCO Senior Advisor and President is retiring. This a good time for someone to step and volunteer to serve as ICBM or ROSCO leadership. Instead of complaining about how things are run, volunteer to serve and change things. The elections will be held in November, we need nominations by 14 October.
Keep an eye on this site and facebook toward the end of the week. The weather is looking rough this weekend and may require a schedule change.
Canceled: December 8-9 ICBM Research Launch.
Due to current field conditions and expected additional rain/wintry mix/cold this weekend the December 8-9 launch is canceled. Our next launch will be January 12-13, 2019.