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Sold Box 'o Stuff

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Sandy H.

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Mar 20, 2009
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This box is full of a lot of remnants from Doug Frost's estate. If you look back at previous yard sale posts from me regarding the subject, you'll find some of what is included (i.e. nosecones, centering rings etc.).

I've got to reorganize my shop a good bit due to a pivot in my business plans and need to open up as much space as practical and people haven't been PM-ing for pieces here and there much recently, so this is what's left over from the other for sale posts. Technically I am keeping a handful of the Jayhawk parts that can be pseudo-kitted up in the near future as they are good partial kits that need to go to as many people as possible, but there is one set of Jayhawk parts in there, as well as a Sky-pup kit he was selling. A lot of the parts seem to be Sky-pup upscale parts, so if you're not into swing wing/trash bag gliders, a lot of it won't suit you.

50%-ish of the box are 3D printed/balsa nosecones that are odd shapes, mostly for rockets he designed for a purpose, but might not be that aesthetically pleasing for a typical 3FNC. There are misc building supplies (some CR's, launch lugs) but not a bunch of body tubes or other stuff like that. Its basically a box with a bunch of random stuff that could be helpful for scratch building, but you've still got to supply a lot of stuff to actually make rockets with the parts.

In my mind, the ideal person for this box is a person who likes to scratch build, has a well attended club near by and might be interested in building a trashbag glider or two. The reason I mention a well attended club is that there are a good number of cones in there that you would probably get tired of using, but passing them along to other club members might make good use of the batch. Maybe even have a themed launch or something.

Anyway, its a 14x14x14 box, weighs around 8#. If you're interested, PM me. Also let me know what kind of stuff you normally fly in the LPR range and I'll throw in something from my personal stash that will likely cost more than shipping anyway. The main goal is to get these parts actually used instead of just sitting, so handing out stuff to others is ideal. I'll also send you files for his Jayhawk build so you can figure out how to build that one and print decals if you desire.

Cost is free + actual shipping.



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Hi Sandy,

I'd be interested in the box 'o stuff. Our club is growing and we do themed launches every month, so it sounds like a good fit. It helps that several of us do scratch builds and we have some newcomers that are interested in trying. We also give out prizes each launch so it would work there as well.
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