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Jan 18, 2009
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my wife left me with 2 esets kits and she took the kids and went to NY so i guess i got to finish them
What are you complaining about .. atleast i left you the kits lol .. fair trade .. i got the kids you got teh kits

I know you've told me that about a trillion times today but NEVER say you miss me PFFFFFFT
oh man, NY pizza is the BEST!

Don't mess this up, bowhunter!

Interesting situation though...

you stay home with two rockets that are kits...

...while the wife goes to NY with two kids that were scratch built...


had to be said! :D
Great opportunity you just need to invite all the rocket buddies over and see how many massive rockets can be built! Rocketeers, when grouped together around a bunch of tools and parts, build some very interesting rockets! What a pair - you guys are too funny!
Leave all the rockets built their, But don't tell the Mrs. that you had a group build at her house... Say you built them all because you missed her so much ;).

Ok... for some reason, I don't think that will work ;)
I think it would be a hoot if she came home only to discover the table and chair legs have been outfitted with motor mounts... :D
my name will be changed to Miss Bowhunter if my tables and chairs are rockets when i get home ... becuase i will be a widow!

As for the pizza and bagels ... you best be kissin some butt mista!

and NOOOO group builds without me! Thats NOT fair!
well i had stabillity probs with the high chair but the table flew gr8 :rolleyes: lol
Well hope you had your fill of rocketry for a while if my table flew great becuase your time will now be spent holding the kids while they eat (since the high chair had problems) and building me a new table and chairs ! Lmao

but............... I..................... Pizza.....................:(
Sorry buddy .. you need a table to eat pizza on .. and you used ours for mounting motors onto ....
hun dont you realize you dont leave me alone with things because ill make them fly. I have to because in breed in me lol
Im not being a witch by correcting you but .... you mistyped that

its BREAD INTO YOU you mean .. its not the in breed in you lmao

Atleast as to my knowledge your not in breed! lol

sorry hun .. had to say it lmao
NO .. its OMG see what I have to put up with .. an in bread, maker of table flying rocket husband who only misses the kids and not me !
hmmmmmm im looking at the FatBoy and thinking 4 c cluster hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
OK heres your one chance at redemption ... you clean the hwole house before i get home and i will think about restoring your pizza previlages ...

And btw .. all this building ... has anything flew since i been gone?
Aside from the table and high chair i mean!
Who needs to phone home when you can just post a thread to your wife on here :D

And do feel free to get a room :p
We're winning. Because we're probably all laughing harder than they are. Inbred, Bread in. We knew what you meant. LMAO.
Oh yeah, can't believe noone has asked yet, what is kack???

My 3 year old boy cant say Courtney (5 month girl) he calls her corekack its to funny
I knew it.
We have a 1 year old son named Conard (pronounced Connor), and a 2 year old daughter that can only say Co, or Cah.
So of course we all call him Cah. Hey Cah, hey Cah.
Sometimes I wonder if we all sound like a bunch of crows, Cah Cah. :D