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Wanted AT 38/1080 casing, AT 54/2560 casing, small fiberglass bits

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Aug 29, 2017
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I'm looking for a few bits to assist with a current build. All will need to be shipped to Florida; I cannot collect as I'm using a freight forwarder to the UK.

Specifically I'm looking for used/secondhand/offcuts of:
  • Aerotech 38/1080 and/or 54/2560 casings. No closures needed, but I wouldn't mind another set of 54 closures/FSD if you have spares :D
  • Fiberglass or carbon fibre 38mm motor mount tube.
  • Centering rings (or offcuts of FG sheet to make some) to suit 38mm in Wildman 2.6" tube. Happy to cut down larger centering rings.
  • Wildman 2.6 tube extension (i.e. a coupler and/or an offcut of 2.6" tube).
  • Nose cone to fit Composite Warehouse 54mm FG tube.