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Sold Delivery to Airfest rockets, cases, motors, parts and kits.

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Jan 4, 2012
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Thinning out. Can deliver to Airfest (Ill be there Friday-Sunday) and some stuff I can ship. If buyer wants something shipped, buyer pays actual shipping.
If you would like pictures, please let me know and ill post them or PM them and if you have any questions please ask. I might add more items as I go through the stuff I have.
Thank you

Full Scale IQSY Tomahawk
(1) 72” x 9” cardboard tube
(2) 36" x 9” cardboard tube
(2) Couplers
(1) Python rocketry nose cone, Foam with FG over it
(1) 60” x 6” FG motor mount tube
(4) Centering Rings
(2) Couple Bulk Plates
(2) body Tube Bulk Plates
(4) 4 fins, beveled
(1) length of sollar composites sock for 72” body tube
$600 OBO

Loc Lil Deter Built
Bought this a few years back never flown it. I did not build it. 38mm motor mount, no recovery.
$20 SOLD

8” Fiberglass nose cone
Has a little chip out of the tip, but can be fixed with bondo etc.
$40 SOLD

Aerotech 98/5120
$160 SOLD

CTI 54mm Starter Set USED
(1) 6 grain casing ( 1 use)
(1) 3 grain casing ( 3 uses)
(2) spacers
(1) delay adjustment tool
(1) aft closure
(2) K650 SS

Loki 38/120 NEW
Case, external SS ring and nozzle only

Gorilla 38mm EX casings only
Set of 3 anodized orange
$30 for all 3 SOLD

Loc Magnum
Older version where you have to slot the tube yourself.
No recovery
1 54mm 6 29mm cluster
$100 SOLD

8” FG bulk plates
(3) body tube plates
(3) coupler plates
$5 for set of 6 SOLD

WM 6” aluminum av bay plates
$20 for set of 2 SOLD

MadCow 3” FG av bay plates
$5 for set of 2 SOLD


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I really want those gorilla ex cases. Would you be willing to ship? Or is anyone going to airfest that could grab them and ship them? On my dime of course.

Edit: I saw that you could ship them. Pm pending.