any idea of the best photo scanner?

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Apr 4, 2017
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I just inherited all of my grandmother's photo albums and probably have over 2000 pictures, some very old in the early 1900s. I want to scan them all and make available to all of my family members on discs. Does anyone have a suggestion of what photo scanner to buy??
There are services that will do it for you, as I am sure you probably already know. For reviews of photo scanners you might try a "photography" magazine, look at your local library for them or a local brick and mortar store where you can peruse the offerings on the rack.

My personal recommendation would be to look for a flat bed scanner and NOT an "all-in-one" MFP device. I have looked for negative scanner's in the past and found some that I liked but couldn't afford at the time. The old saying about having a lot of skills but master of none comes to mind. Anyway, just my :2:

Would like to know if you find one that you like and how it works for you if you get one though if you wouldn't mind sharing your results/opinions.
Any decent used flat bed scanner will give you excellent results. You will be able to scan at far higher resolutions than the all-in-ones. However, unless you're doing huge enlargements, the extra resolution only buys you larger files!

Check Craigslist. Lots of people getting rid of flat bed scanners that "don't have drivers for windows 10". All you need to do is run the installer in Windows 7 mode and everything works fine. I've done it with a couple HP scanners so far. Picked up a nice used one for 10 bucks WITH the slide and negative holder, so my dad can scan in his 1000's of slides from the 60's-80's. It's giving him something to do. The scanner software from HP (free download with the driver) even corrects for the color aging of the slides. Not sure how, but it works great.