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KLOUDBusters Chief Logistician
TRF Supporter
Jan 22, 2009
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Wichita, KS
Hello TRF'ers,

One year ago this week here in Kansas we were challenged by 105+ temperatures but still brought a successful LDRS XXII to the national high-powered rocketry community. I’m sure some of you have a few lasting memories of that week. KLOUDBusters again realized that we have a great site at Argonia for big launches and great support from our members and the local communtiy to pull them off.

Now, fast-forward to September 2004 and AIRFest 10: our own annual “mini-LDRS”. With this year’s AIRFest, we hope to raise the excitement and participation of rocketeers throughout the central region of the USA. As usual, we’re expecting flyers from many surrounding states, and this year we’ve added a few extras to make it even more fun.

Check out the web-site for lots of details about AIRFest 10. You can even pre-register and get that out of the way, saving a few bucks in the process.

We hope to see you at the range over Labor Day weekend.

Lance Lickteig
KLOUDBusters Secretary
Webmaster -
I wanted to remind everyone to stop by and visit the AIRFest 10 web site. W'd love to see lots of TRF'ers at Argonia this year for AIRFest.

Also note that pre-registering helps us get an accurate count for t-shirts and the Saturday Swim and Barbecue Party and guarantee availability ot you. It will also save you some money which you can spend on motors later.

We hope to see you there!

We had a Fun Fly over this past weekend and let me tell you, folks, the Argonia launch site is in pristine condition right now for a major launch; probably even better coming into AIRFest than it was heading into LDRS in '03. All of the surrounding fields are plowed waiting for fall or spring planting. The three large fields to the east and to the north that were in milo during LDRS XXII are even plowed ground right now. You're all invited to fly at one of the premier launch sites in the US.

You're going to have to try pretty hard to lose 'em out there. AIRFest 10 will be the perfect chance to try. :)

I would really like to meet some more TRFers at Argonia.

Lance B. Lickteig
KLOUDBusters Secretary/Web Guy