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Advertisement: inexpensive multi-tester

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Jan 17, 2009
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No, I am not selling them but I didn't know what other forum to post this.
Check out the sale running at Harbor Freight until April 10.
They have a small multi-tester, normally $10, on sale for $4. It is the Cen-Tech 7 function digital tester, lot number 30756. It comes with 32 inch leads and a 9 volt battery already installed, and it is small (5 x 3 x 1 inch) and light (6 ounces).
If you like to check your igniters for continuity, this could be the ideal little gadget to carry in your field box?
In the same sale, they also have a "Dremel"-type rotary tool (but NOT Dremel brand) for $8. That one is item number 41695, and comes with three collets and 60 accessories.
HF is also selling a 12 piece set of needle files, item number 468, for $2 (half price)---these are the kind that are about six inches long and 1/8 or 1/4 inch wide, used for working very small details. I did not look at it but it probably includes an assortment of flat, curved, round, triangular, etc files. These files come in downright handy for working on small features and in tight corners. At this price these files are probably cheaply made, but they will probably work fine on plastic or balsa. All you scale modelers should check it out!
I bought that $4 multi-tester. Actually, it was only $3.99 ...


Heck, the battery and leads are worth that. It checks out fine compared to an expensive Fluke DMM I have. Perfect for the range box!
I got both of these, and they are good products. The Dremel I got for $10 and the tester I got for 3. I do notice a bad point with the Dremel, you can't hardly push down when it is parallel to the thing it is cutting or it will slow down and get pretty hot. When you are using the drill bit with it however it works fine.
Originally posted by Lee Reep
I bought that $4 multi-tester. Actually, it was only $3.99 ...


Heck, the battery and leads are worth that. It checks out fine compared to an expensive Fluke DMM I have. Perfect for the range box!

Gotta agree here. I bought an el-cheapo multi-meter from a local store, and it checks stuff as good as the high-dollar Fluke meters that we have at work. It's great for checking out e-matches, batteries, and the like.
Harbor Freight has another little multi-tester on sale through May 31. They have listed the 'Cen-Tech AC/DC Digital Multimeter, 33499-7VGA, regularly $9.99, on sale for $4.99.
Harbor Freight is the best for range box tools, especially since the stuff you tend to deal with in rocketry isn't as vicious as the stuff you deal with at work. Handy, inexpensive things that can be had for a buck or two at Harbor Freight that are worth stocking up on, even when not on sale:

Variety of pliers, needle nose and slip joint, and diagonal cutters - for pulling engines, tightening nuts, cutting wire, snipping the ends off engine hooks, etc. Gotta watch the slip joints, they're OK but not great. Pretty much all their items are Chinese made, so some stuff is a little iffy.

Snap ring pliers - got a reversible pair here for my micro-hybrid for $3.99, with both straight and curved ends.

Reversible screwdrivers that aren't Craftsmen, but they don't suck real bad.

Rubber gloves, for field cleaning reloadable hardware without getting that grunge on your hands.

1,2, and 3 inch chip brushes by the box - great for glassing or brushing on fill-n-finish, and a box of 36 - 1 inch chip brushes that runs only $4.99 on sale will last a year or more without even thinking about cleaning them out to re-use.

Electronic calipers can be had there for under $10.00 on sale regularly. Many of the flashlights, camp lanterns, camp stove, and portable folding shovel recovery equipment I've taken to ROC launches came from Harbor Freight. If you have one close by, it's worth a look. If not, they often have deals where if you purchase more than $50.00 worth of stuff you get free shipping.

It's worth signing up for email notifications. They show what's on sale, and offer some minor freebie with the order. This time around its a small portable radio.

The stores honor the on-line sales, although i think the in-store sales differ.
They are at it again. You can find some good stuff on sale this month (ends May 31). The paper flier that came in the mail has different (lower) prices than those posted on their website, but you can see these items and get more info at:
The multi-tester (Lot No. 90899) is now $2.99
Go to their website, key the item number into the space on the left, and get more info
Harbor Freight also has their rotary tool on sale at a good price. This is a Dremel-type (but NOT by Dremel), electrically powered, adjustable speed tool and the HF set (Lot No. 41695) has a bunch of accessories included for $7.99
This one might be reaching a bit, but HF also has a roller stand (Lot No. 46086) on sale for $9.99 that could be adapted to a tripod launcher base. It is adjustable in height from 27 to 49 inches. You could take off the roller head, put on a launch rod mount, and have a quickee/cheapo launcher base. Well, it's a thought.

There is a bunch of other stuff on sale, get to a store and pick up a flier.
That looks like a nice digital multimeter. Did you buy one? How do you get that $2.99 sale price? I saw $4.99, but still good.

I have an analog multimeter but it was difficult to use for my last project.

I wanted to sort my Estes ignitors by resistance, in order to use the "best" ones for cluster ignition. I had trouble differentiating the ignitors, since they were all so close, about 0.8 ohms. That little dial moves around a lot on the analog multimeter.

I wondered if the digital multimeters would be better. For the price, I can check it out...


Get accurate readings for DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage, resistance, transistor test, diode test, and battery test. Easy-to-read 3-1/2 digit LCD readout, positive set selector switch, and 32" leads.

Automatic zero adjust
Overange indicator
2.5x second sample time
Low battery indicator
Fuse and diode protected circuit

DC-A: 0-200µ A-2000µ A-20mA-200mA
Resistance: 0-200-2000-20K-200K-2000K ohm
DC-V: 0-200mV-2000mV-20V-200V-1000V
AC-V: 0-200-750V

ITEM 90899-2VGA
Regular price: $9.99
Sale price: $4.99
The paper flier says they have needle files on sale for $1.99 for a ten-piece set. (My apologies to you guys that just got the other needle file sets for $5.) The website says they are a discontinued item, but I assume if they are in the flier then they are in my local store, and maybe yours too.

If anyone wants me to pick up a set of these and mail them, I expect mailing costs should be under $1.75. Email or PM me and let me know.

And I promise no more bad horror movie jokes.
Originally posted by Mike_BAR
How do you get that $2.99 sale price?

That is the price shown in the advertisement that came in the mail. When Harbor Freight runs these sales they usually have a stack of the mail-outs at the front door, so you can probably go to your local store and pick one up.

As to whether I bought one, I already got one some time back. It's definitely made cheaply, and I am curious how long it will last, but it is small and light, and a pretty darned handy addition to the range box that I don't worry about getting lost or damaged.
Originally posted by powderburner
That is the price shown in the advertisement that came in the mail. When Harbor Freight runs these sales they usually have a stack of the mail-outs at the front door, so you can probably go to your local store and pick one up.
Dave, Thanks for the info. I will have to check my "local" store, only 167 miles away. ;)

I will have to find a rocket launch to go to in the Albany, New York area to really make it a great trip! :)
To know all the best deals, you should sign up for the mailings (store ads) and the online emails. They differ but the store will honor the on-line deals also. One time they made me bring a print-out and the next time the managers said the cashier was incorrect, that they know what the on-line sales are so you just have to ask for them.

IIRC this time around they also have a really cheap 18v portable drill/flashlight, some nice work bench stuff (stands, sawhorses) ans a metal carrying case that would be nice foe a 2nd, or 3rd, range box. This place is reaaly cool and I'll never buy everything I'd like.
In this same sale that is currently underway, HF has a set of 20 plastic bins for $6 (lot number 41949). They are the stack-able kind, but the set also includes a rack that you can attach to a wall and hang the bins on. The individual storage bins are a decent size (2.5 tall x 3.25 wide x 4.5 deep) and are open-top. The front edge has a built-in slot where you can slip in a label card to identify the contents.
I looked at this the first time but didn't buy one, but I got one the other day. Now this set looks so darned handy for the shop that I am thinking about going back again to look for one more set.