1. D

    Parts identification for Eggtime Ion Altimeter

    I'm starting assembly on the Ion, but I'm having trouble identifying the capacitors. It's supposed to have this: __ 3 .1 uF 1206 ceramic multilayer capacitor (brown) (not marked, but they;re in a PAPER carrier) But I don't see anything with a paper carrier and I can't identify anything...
  2. S

    Wanted PerfectFlite altimeter needed for TARC team

    Hello everyone! I am part of a TARC team located in Edgewater, Maryland. In one of our test flights, the nose cone became detached from the rocket along with the altimeter, and we lost the altimeter. The final qualification flights are due on April 4th, and we are unsure if we can get an...
  3. C

    Temperature relation to electronics

    Does anyone have any experience with the effects of temperature on components in an electronics bay during a flight to say, 25,000 feet? The temperature at higher altitudes becomes low at 25000 feet, and I would like to know if there are any ways I can find out how components such as an...
  4. N

    Eggtimer Quantum - No continuity but deployment test fires.

    Ive got a strange issue with my latest Eggtimer Quantum. It’s my 3rd and not seen this problem on the previous two. FWIW I’ve prob built around 10 kits with no major issues on initial startup. It boots up ok and the WIFI Connects. But when I put a load on the deployment channels, I dont get...
  5. E

    What happened to Altimeter Three??

    Hello, For the last two years, myself and a group of people from my high school have been working on an experimental rocket and were using altimeter three because of the easy to use interface (and relative small size). We lost ours during our last launch and need a new one to continue the...
  6. Cameron Anderson

    Can someone identify this?

    Got this from a friend, he got it from one of his friends and had no idea what it is. Anyone have any info on it? If nothing else it's a cool piece to collect but I'd love to be able to fly it.
  7. C

    Found Jolly Logic Altimeter 1, 2, or 3 (or similar)

    Looking for a Jolly Logic Altimeter 1, 2, or 3... or a combo of any of these. Got out of rocketry for a short period and learned my lesson... don't part with everything. :( Looking to pay $30 for the A1, $50 for the A2, and $80 for the A3. Flexible on pricing for the A2 and A3... don't...
  8. Joshua Koehler

    Most Accurate Way to Measure Velocity: Accelerometer vs Barometer vs ?

    I need to be able to precisely measure a high-powered rocket's velocity after motor burnout. There is an onboard altimeter, as well as an accelerometer available to me. Which would yield a more accurate result? Also, any recommendations for implementing this with a real time system? If I...
  9. Zeke Johnson

    Ebay with Metal Bulk Plates - Wildman

    I received an electronics bay from Wildman Rocketry. It is a very basic kit, 1 32mm fiberglass coupler and two bulk plates (See Pictures). I have never worked with metal bulk plates before. I was wondering if I could get some ideas on how to pass the electrical signal from my altimeter inside...
  10. Brian-Tampa

    Altimeter vent holes

    About halfway finished with my new EZI-65 build. I am going to utilize a Jolly Logic Altimeter 3 for this rocket. Any ideas for vent hole sizes in the main air frame and how many? Also, my friend suggested rather than use air frame vent holes why not drill small holes in all 3 centering rings...
  11. cerving

    Ham and Eggs - Eggtimer TRS & LCD Now in 70cm Ham Version

    Eggtimer Rocketry is proud to announce the availability of our premier GPS tracking product, the Eggtimer TRS GPS transmitter/altimeter and the Eggfinder LCD receiver on the 70cm Ham band. This is our first Ham-only product, with some advantages over the non-licensed 900 mHz band products...
  12. Cameron Anderson

    Can someome identify this Raven 4 component?

    Anyone know what this is on the Raven 4 and/or what it does? I bought some cheap lipo connectors and the polarity was crossed on some of them so when hooked up power for a wiring test, my e-matches blew and the piece pictured popped clean off the circuit card. I corrected the polarity and got...
  13. Cameron Anderson

    Marsa - quality products, quality support

    My Marsa33 worked well in bench tests but sled testing releaved a possible power connection issue. Without question, John replied to my email in hours and said he would replace the unit AND is letting me return it to him in person and save me the shipping. He was very helpful before I bought the...
  14. C

    PerfectFlite DataCap software alternatives

    I am in search of an open source, Windows compatible, alternative to the PerfectFilte DataCap.exe software for my pNut altimeter.
  15. cerving

    New Eggtimer Proton Firmware - 1.02N

    After several months of testing and in conjunction with our policy of continuous product improvement, we've now released a new version of the Eggtimer Proton firmware. It incorporates a number of enhancements and fixes, including: * You can now calibrate the accelerometer vertically while on...
  16. H

    Stratologger CF

    Hi, I am new to model rocketry and have purchased the Stratologger CF. It lists in the manual that for example you can deploy at 700 feet. But is that at 700 feet after apogee? Or is it 700 feet from the ground?
  17. Nikhil Mishra

    Arduino Altimeter - BMP280 inBuilt Noise Filtering Settings

    Hello! I am building an Arduino Altimeter with BMP280. Fortunately for BMP280, it has an in Built IIR Filter. But the problem is am not sure how to change the settings for rocket specific application. The Parameters are: Oversampling Setting IIR Filter (Ratio) set standby time...
  18. L

    How to determine altitude where altimeters fail?

    So above the majority of the atmosphere, altimeters that use barometric pressure fail, so barring regulation GPS modules, that generally don't work on extremely high altitude flights, how do you determine the altitude of your flights?
  19. JDcluster

    Sold Adept 22 Never flown

    I found a an Adept never flown in my stash. Looking to unload it... $35.00 plus shipping.
  20. pararocket

    CAD Model Requests Raven Altimeter

    Not sure if this is already up... did a search and didn't see it so I'll make one. I'd like to get a hold of a CAD model of the Raven altimeter. I contacted the company and they sent me some "cad" files but they are actually just the Eagle board schematics and Solid Edge (CAD software I use)...