Yet Another Reason To Go To Oshkosh...

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Well, I saw a 747 do a short landing and take off roll there, in 2003, so they'll probably be able to get a 380 in. It's make some good shade to park some other planes under.
The Concorde has been there when they were flying, and most of the big military cargo planes have been there. I think one of the big Anatov's too.
The interweb says runway 18/36 in 8002 ft long x 150 ft wide.
Oshkosh Runway 18/36 is 8002' long x 150' wide but is only rated for 130 klb for double tandem and 65 klb for double wheels. My quick math says that the A380 operating weight should be less than 605,000 pounds (4 double tandem main gear and 1 double wheel nose gear) to use that runway. Runway 9/27 has a much higher capacity of 865,000 pounds but is only 6168' long x 150' wide.

In 2003, the Airbus A300-600ST (known as the "Beluga") made an appearance in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight. This huge transport looks like a shrimp next to the A380.

The typical operating weight empty of the A380 is 608,400 pounds so it should be making some interesting take-offs and landings.