What do you get when a Goblin and a Big Daddy spend too much time together?

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Jun 1, 2011
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NE Ohio
You get a "Bloblin"!

A 3D rendering of the concept

I ordered some rocket-building supplies from Amazon (actually some Micro-Sol) and in order to make shipping worth it, I needed to add something else, so I snagged a Big Daddy kit. The kit arrived and for some weird reason, It jumped straight to the top of my build pile and sat there. staring at me, daring me to build it. The Big Daddy is sassy like that. :)

The build was really straightforward and went quick, and I tried my hand at papering fins for the first time using Avery self-adhesive full-sheet labels. In the 30+ years I've been making rockets, I've never tried this method. I'm too old-school I guess, but I will say that I am very impressed with the ease and with the results. While papering won't work for every design, I think I'll be using it whenever it will. I stuck with the stock motor mount but next time I build one of these, I will modify it slightly and do proper internal fillets and use an 24mm retainer rather than the hook. I used 30-minute epoxy to build and install the motor mount though, so it's built like a tank. With fins.

Under contruction

Anyway, I wasn't a huge fan of the paint scheme on the Big Daddy as it came out of the bag, so I thought maybe I'd change it up a little. Initially, I was going to paint it up in the yellow and black V2 color scheme Estes uses in their current V2 kit offering, since I was planning on painting my copy in a camouflage pattern, but I did like the yellow/black...

Then I had a semi-serious moment of clarity and it hit me... Why not paint it to look like a Goblin? It could work! The "Bloblin" was born! I ended up re-drawing the original Goblin decal sheet in Adobe Illustrator as vectors so they could scale better, and debated doing vinyl decals or water-slide. In the end I decided on water-slide but the body stripe is a piece of vinyl. There's an extra tiny bat decal, but the 'Daddy has the girth to pull it off. :)

Here's a crappy, weird-perspective, low-light iPhone shot from last night after the decals have dried. I still need to shoot the clear topcoat, and was going to do it last night, but the weather was not cooperating. I still have time to get a topcoat on after work tonight and it should be dry enough to fly at tomorrow's club launch.

Almost ready to launch!
That looks really spiffy! Remember to give it extra-energetic deployment charges. Sometimes the NC likes to stay-put. Hate to see what a Bloblin looks like accordion-style.
You wouldn't happen to have a rocksim or openrocket file for this would you? Looks like something that would upscale nicely to 6 or 7.5 inch and make a great HPR rocket.
You wouldn't happen to have a rocksim or openrocket file for this would you? Looks like something that would upscale nicely to 6 or 7.5 inch and make a great HPR rocket.

It's a stock Estes Big Daddy. I haven't looked, but I'm sure someone has already done one. No sense in re-inventing the wheel :)
Looks like a Jart with bigger fins. Be sure to add nose weight. Kurt

Curious as why he needs to add nose weight. I don't believe he mentioned bigger motors and they are plenty stable built stock, in my experience.
Flew her twice at the club launch yesterday on C11-3 motors. Both flights she boosted perfectly straight and recovered close to the pad with zero damage. The only two mods I made to the actual build itself were to:

1. Ditch the teabag + rubber shock cord mount in favor of a kevlar cord epoxied to the MM tube and mated with some braided elastic at the nose cone end.
2. Cut a disc of foamcore to about a mm less that the ID of the BT and hot-glue it to the base of the nose cone to cover the void-notch and encourage more positive NC ejection. Don't know if it was necessary, but it works beautifully.

Next time out will be D motor flights and then E motor flights.

Dunno if this will link here but the wife shot some video of the maiden flight: