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Jan 26, 2009
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thank u, next
Anybody else just get a slew of virus spam in your inbox? I went down for dinner and came back to SIX (yes, count 'em SIX) virus messages just waiting for me in my inbox. Thankfully, Symantec caught them, but I'm wondering if it's just me, or if there was just something new out today? :confused:
I've been getting a bunch over the last few days. Usually my ISP (that's internet service provider, not specific impulse) intercepts them as spam, but these are getting through for some reason.
My wife and I have apparently been sending each other a very prolific number of infected e-mails for the past 48 hours. Davey, are you using Outlook? If so, it appears that this is a very rampant virus exploiting an Outlook hole.

Last week, I did battle with what I am reasonably sure was the Blaster worm. Not pleasant at all.