Vintage Estes Cyclone Build

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Jan 18, 2009
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Here is another vintage Estes build from the early 80's. The Cyclone uses old Centuri parts such as the nose as body tube. The kit is in excellent condition and should be a fun build. Here is a factory built picture that John from Estes posted back in 2013 from the NSL.

DSC_0265 (1280x851).jpg

Model 3.JPG
She is ready for paint, a rather simple build and I don't have to worry about the red cone this time since the nose is painted red. I brushed on 4 coats of Brodak sealer and you can see the smooth fins ready for paint.


The good thing about this Brodak sealer is that it does a great job of filing the grain. Estes directions now call for 2 coats of primer followed by sanding and finishing with top coats. I think we all know that 2 coats of primer is not going achieve a nice smooth finish, it will take multiple coats, lots of sanding, big mess and added weight. I have tried priming only and it works but it also takes more work than 2 coats. I tried priming then filling with wood filler but even that ended up taking 4 coats of primer and a lot of sanding. Now I am sealing with 3 to 4 coats of balsa sealer, sands super easy followed by one coat of primer. I only spot sand the primer if needed but for the most part I don't even sand the primer before adding my top coats.

Finished my Cyclone build today, another fun easy vintage build. After one coat of primer, I shot with flat white, gloss yellow and gloss red all Krylon Acrylic Lacquer. The decals went on nice and smooth for an old kit. Now onto my next vintage Estes kit



Nice Job! One thing about the Cyclone... It uses the same fins as the Marauder.