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For Sale Unbuilt kits, Centuri 2 sealed and 7 unsealed, including 1 MPC & 2 Estes. sell lot for $795, spare parts. [email protected] for a list.

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Jan 1, 2024
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Holland MI 49423
for sale, Unbuilt kits, Centuri / Enerjet, 2 sealed and 7 unsealed, including 1 MPC & 2 Estes. sell lot for $795, Two shoe boxes of Centuri spare parts, accessories & catalogs included. [email protected] for a list.

Kits included are, Estes Astrocam 110 & Meteor; MPC Microsonde 3; Centuri Saturn 1B, Nike smoke, Moonraker, Space shuttle, The point, Laser X space probe, MX774, Mach 10, Arcon High two stage, & Taurus fleet ship. Enerjet Kits include: Two Pterodactyl boost gliders, Egg Crate, & Nike smoke.
The thumbnail shows Enerjet motors, these are not included.


  • Centuri model rockets unbuilt.jpg
    Centuri model rockets unbuilt.jpg
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Being the Centuri Saturn 1B does not show up in the thumb nail, you should put that in the text listing of the AD so folks know it includes that and the EnerJet Nike Smoke.