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Sold Over 100 kits for sale! Estes, Centuri, Concept II, Quest

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May 20, 2015
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For sale are the nearly 150 kits listed below from Estes, Centuri, Concept II, Quest, etc. mostly ranging from the 1980s to early 2000s.

All of the kits original, intact, and perfect for those looking to build older, hard to find kits. Please contact me with any questions!

Edit: list updated as of 7/29

Manufacturer Model Part Number QTY

Apogee Components Mass Driver 9004 3
Centuri Javelin 5091 1
Centuri Star Trooper KM-3 KM-3 1
Concept II 2x2 LS102 1
Concept II Flare Patroit LS103 1
Custom Dynamic Carrier 10021 1
Custom Land Viper 1
Custom Lightnin' 10023 1
Custom Manta 10018 1
Estes AeroSpace Club Membership Kit 1447 1
Estes AIM-9 SideWinder 2125 2
Estes AstroCam 110 1327 1
Estes Backyard Redirocs Raider 2123 1
Estes Big Bertha 1948 1
Estes Big Dawg 2151 1
Estes Bull Pup 12D 7000 1
Estes Darth Vader's Tie Fighter 2144 2
Estes Delta Clipper 2067 1
Estes EXOshell 2163 1
Estes Explorer Aquarious 2016 1
Estes FireCat 1378 1
Estes Freak Flyer 1203 1
Estes Geo Sat LV 1977 1
Estes Iris 1
Estes Klingon Battle Cruiser 1274 3
Estes Mach 12 2130 2
Estes Maniac 2091 1
Estes Maniac 2091 1
Estes Mean Machine 1295 1
Estes Mercury Redstone 2167 1
Estes Mini Bertha 0803 1
Estes Mini Brute Mosquito TK-1 0801 2
Estes Naboo Fighter "package" 1842 1
Estes Naboo Royal Starship 1834 1
Estes Nike-Apache 1957 1
Estes Pathfinder 1997 2
Estes Patriot 2056 1
Estes Photon Distruber II 2052 1
Estes Photon Probe 2043 1
Estes R2-D2 2142 1
Estes R2-D2 "package" 1844 1
Estes Rattler 7 2150 1
Estes Sentinel 1987 1
Estes Sizzler 2127 3
Estes Skywinder 2077 1
Estes Skywinder 2077 1
Estes Space Shuttle glider 1467 1
Estes Star Destroyer 2147 2
Estes Starship Enterprise 25th anny 1276 1
Estes Super Shot 1431 1
Estes The Dude 2199 1
Estes Tie fighter 15th anniversay commemorative series 2102 1
Estes Trade Federation Driod Fighter 1833 2
Estes Transwing SuperGlider 2112 1
Estes Venus Probe 2012 1
Estes Viking 1949 3
Estes Warp II 2022 2
Estes X-Ray 1
Estes X-wing "package" 1801 2
Estes X-Wing fighter 15th anniversay commemorative series 2103 1
Estes X-Wing starter set 1490 1
Estes Alpha 1225 1
Estes Big Bertha 1223 1
Estes Black Brant II 1
Estes Calyspso 2006 1
Estes Magnum 1422 1
Estes Maniac 1
Estes Raven 2029 2
Estes SM-3 Navy Seahawk 2149 1
Estes Thiokol 1944 1
Estes Wizard 1
Estes X-16 1933 1
Fun Rockets Inc. Tangent 1201 1
M2F2's Space Camel 1
North Coast Rocketry Corporal K-96 1
North Coast Rocketry Lance Beta K-47 1
North Coast Rocketry Rotaroc D 1
Pine Cap Associates Laartech 25 Laartech 25 1
Qualified Competition Rockets 160-B 160-B 2
Quest Astra 1 1004 1
Quest Currier 2500 1
Quest Evader Cruise Missile 2002 1
Quest Falcon 1006 1
Quest Geo Sat LV 1
Quest HL-20 2008 2
Quest Icarus 2006 1
Quest Lighting Q1013 1
Quest Lightning Q1013 1
Quest Navajo AGM 3003 1
Quest Nike-K 2002 1
Quest Renegade - ready to fly "package" Q5771 1
Quest Starhawk 1
Quest Tomahawk 2055 1
Quest Tomahawk SLCM Cruise Missile 03007 1
Quest USS Enterprise Q7525 1
Quest Viper 1506 1
Quest Whiplash - read to fly "package" 5700 2
S/FX Rockets V2 1
The Launch Pad ASM-1 K002 1




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Hi Audi Driver. I am a new member to this forum (I joined about two days ago) and I am interested in the Estes Klingon Battlecruiser 1274 and the Estes Starship Enterprise 1276. How much do you want for each one? What is the preferred method for contacting you and making a purchase?
this isnt selling...its FISHING
go to ebay if you want BIDDERS....that goes for ANY of you!
Jamey #5295
Thank you all for the interest! I have replied back to everyone.

I will do my best to get the thread updated with the pricing as I determine what it is. As you can imagine, its hard to price this stuff (and there is a lot of it).
Give him a chance. PM sent on the Star Wars lot and Venus Probe
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I hope you know that you should not build the Venus Probe stock... It's way underpowered on 18mm black powder motors.

Good to know. I’ll have to see if there are any build threads with modifications for that one.
I hope you know that you should not build the Venus Probe stock... It's way underpowered on 18mm black powder motors.

I recently rebuilt the Venus Probe from stock and launched it on the recommended C5-3 and it went well aside from the lander parachuting into a tree. I will be launching it again with a higher power motor in a couple weeks but the higher power 18mm shouldn't be an issue.

I built the Venus Probe in high school and never had the chance to launch it. It got destroyed so I ebayed another last year and enjoyed building it again. It is one of my favorites in my collection.
I recently rebuilt the Venus Probe from stock and launched it on the recommended C5-3 and it went well aside from the lander parachuting into a tree.
The C5 (assuming that's what you really used) has *way* more oomph off the pad than any currently available 18mm BP motor. I wish they still made it.