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Feb 9, 2012
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My simple message is that if you have any interest in rocket gliders at all, then visit Josh Finn’s website (, pick your favorites, and place an order. I am confident you won’t be disappointed, and our hobby desperately needs more innovative vendors such as this one.

He has original record-setting designs, as well as some classic reproductions. The prices are reasonable, and as others have said…the service is outstanding. I have 5 of his kits, and I’m already planning my next order for when he returns from the free flight championship. Swing-wing anyone?

Please consider supporting this excellent vendor!


Edit: don’t forget to check out the videos, as he teaches you everything you need to know about building as well as getting the maximum out your birds.
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I checked out the J & H Aerospace website.

Interesting stuff.

I went ahead and ordered two Maxi Dactyl kits.
The models came in a well protected box. The laser-cut parts look good. Balsa nose cones and body tubes for the pop-pod look good also.

I will have to see how this scales against the original Enerjet Pterodactyl kit.


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