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Dec 30, 2003
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if tomorrow is as nice as today
i'm going to see if it well fly tomorrow after work.
6:30 am sould be good for smoke and steam
it stands 15 inch tall
set up for a 13 mm A10-3t
still needs paint
That is one sharp looking rocket!

How are you gonna paint her?

so far gray primer.

need to drink some more to come up with how to paint it.

was thinging about white base coat
maybe fading a red metal flake in from the bottom fins

what do you all think ?
don't know please help
on paint .

looking for in put .
I'm thinking gold or silver. It has a sort of "First Spaceship On Venus" feel about it.
Now that looks like its doing a ton standing still !!

Launch pics if the camera can keep up !

Looks kinda missiley to me.
Or maybe a nike smokey paint job with 1 fin one colour and the other 3 another? Im always hopeless at deciding how to paint my rockets lol.

I agree with graylensman, it has a kinda-retro 50's style to it.

Maybe Rustoleum silver paint with a black cockpit windshield, and the obligatory "XR-1" (or something similar) on one fin. And a hatch! It has to have a hatch of course, with a little ladder you can prop up against it for display.
Really does put me in the mind of 50's Sci-fi ... paint it Chrome ... with XR-1 and a hatch and ladder !!!
the 50 es i not that OLD LMFAO !

just got back from the store.

i got a can of Black Pearl for the base coat and a can of
Black-n-Blue Pearl for the fade in coat
and a can of glosscote
went with the Black-n-Blue Pearl
looks like a deep purple
took a pic but looks a deep black
but in the sun its a blackis blue
hard to tell in a pic
but i think it looks good
Given your taste in hot sauces, I think either 50's style hot-rod flames or tombstones would be appropriate.

if you hot sauce check out
death sauce it rocks
not to hot and tastes great.
if you want hot they got HOT

he it is all painted and ready to fly.
stopping by the park on the way home after work.
is it 6:30 am yet ? i want to fly this thing.

looks black in pic. , but if you get it in the light it looks
Now it needs an alien skull-and-crossbones to be the Pirate Scourge Of The Dark Nebula!
stopped by the park on the way home.
it was about 7 am . sun not up yet .
that thing looked cool with the fire coming out and it went stright up .
came down about 100 feet away .

on to the next one.
that thing looked cool with the fire coming out and it went stright up .

yeah, twilight launches are really cool. the ejection is really cool too.