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Jan 18, 2009
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Well I figured it would happen sooner or later. I had my first cluster misfire. Flew my Deuce's Wild this afternoon and had one motor light. I knew it right away by the sound, that whimpy single motor sound, and a B6-4 yet! I'm not sure how high it got as it arched over into the dead engine. Luckily the ejection charge went off at between 15 and 20 feet. I'm surprized the chute stayed together. No damage:D The picture isn't the best, but you can see one motor burning.

Anyone have any luck with the Estes Gemini DC? Ours has four flights. The first one only one chute deployed, the second flight was perfect. The third it tookoff sideways skimming the ground. No damage. This last flight it tookoff climbed about fifty feet, went right, did two complete loops and drilled into the ground, and ejected both chutes:mad: :mad: The ground was damp so it didn't do much damage, but I do see there are two burn holes in the side pods. Why would this thing fly stable the first two flights then unstable the last two?????

Don't know where the picture went so here it is I hope.....Larry
I have a Gemini DC and I've flown it twice, once on a B6-4 where the rocket did a large arc off the rod and managed to deploy both chutes about 5 feet off the ground and they both snapped open just as the rocket hit the ground. Luckily, there was no damage.

I then flew it again on a C6-3 a few days later which was a great flight. I think it went up about 600 feet and both chutes deployed and opened perfectly. I must say that it took awhile to come down. I would reccommend cutting out the spillholes in the provided chutes and/or reef them or use smaller chutes. I'm sure a pair of Rockethead Rockets 10 inch mylar chutes would be ideal.
Larry, a B6-4 seems to be the absolute lowest impulse motor to use in the Deuce to insure a safe recovery despite only one motor igniting. If the rod is tilted more than normal, chances are that cushion of 20ft to the ground would be gone. Glad to hear you got your Deuce back in one piece!